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Trophy Room

You are now viewing Hogwarts' Trophy Room, the place where those who have put in a remarkable amount of effort are congratulated.

House Cup
Quidditch Cup
Best RoleplayerMiss Lumos AllianceMr. Lumos AllianceMost Popular
Xiomara HigginsXiomara HigginsShadrak WallsPiper West
Most Improved RoleplayerMost HelpfulMost SpiritedAstronomy Award
Shadrak WallsBertram KnowlesRachel Owens
Defense Against the Dark Arts AwardHerbology AwardHistory of Magic AwardMuggle Studies Award
Shadrak WallsXiomara HigginsBertram KnowlesGriffin Oshanahan
Potions AwardAncient Runes AwardTransfiguration AwardCharms Award
Xiomara HigginsSybil DelysRachel Owens
Divinations AwardFlying/Quidditch AwardCare of Magical Creatures AwardFoods Award
Ashley AnderssonNash JenningsPiper West

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