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Please realize that by registering to Lumos Alliance you have agreed to abide by the entirety of this document to the fullest extent possible (to register, you had to agree to the Terms of Service). Broken terms on this page during any point in your stay will be dealt with accordingly.

1. Multiple Accounts - We do allow multiple characters on one account. However, you must have been a member of Lumos Alliance for at least a term before you can request this. Multiple separate accounts are expressly prohibited and, if discovered, all such accounts may be expelled.

Family members and friends are encouraged to join, but you must state that a family member/friend is already registered in the "Other Comments" section of the enrollment form if you share a computer or Internet connection (or would otherwise appear under the same IP address).

2. Hacking - Any improper use of scripts on the website, or hacking in any way to Lumos Alliance or our host company 6sync will be dealt with according to the severity, to be judged by the staff.

3. Spamming - Spamming is prohibited to the highest degree! Spamming is irritating, and takes away time for role-playing. This includes anything relating to: "Join this website," "Visit my store," "Buy my stuff," "Be my boy/girlfriend". Please refrain from this on any part of the site.

4. Age Limit - Lumos Alliance (with the exception of Manors and Houses) conforms to an ESRB T (teen) rating. This means that crude humor or gestures and limited violence are permitted. Sexual violence is NOT permitted.

On the note of cursing, it is permitted though not in excess.

On the note of sexuality, we ask that you limit yourselves to making out in most cases. Anything up to light "touching" is permitted, in moderation - if your character engages in anything past this, it must not be described/roleplayed though it may be alluded to.

On the note of relationships, you must be at least 7th year to be in a relationship with anyone that is a Grad or higher and if you're a 7th year you're not allowed to be in a relationship with anyone under 4th year. This is in accordance to laws written for minors.

On the note of drinking and smoking, you may choose to have your character drink or smoke but you must be at least 3rd year, and then only in moderation. As the legal age for smoking/drinking in-character is 17, members of 7th year or older have more freedom with this.

Threads in Houses and Manors are exempt from the ESRB T rating. There are presently no limits on what you can post, other than those set out in other terms of this document, in those threads. However, if the staff deem content to be "too inappropriate", it may be removed at their discretion - you will not be penalized further for this.

5. Triggering Material - If any of your role plays contain "triggering" or explicit material (self harm, any sort of abuse, etc) you MUST include a warning label in your title. (e.g. "Away With The Wind [contains self harm]") This includes threads in Houses and Manors. If you need to have the title changed later on in the RP to reflect this or you are unsure if you need a tag then please contact a staff or Student Staff member before posting.

6. Rights - Lumos Alliance is a privately owned website, and therefore the rights promised to you by your country (USA, Canada, United Kingdom, etc.) do not apply. You are allowed to do and say what the staff deem appropriate, and Lumos Alliance retains the right to deem what is appropriate.

7. Staff Respect - Staff members are to be respected at all times. The staff work hard to keep the site running smoothly for the users and that is not to be overlooked in any case. This also applies to your relationship with all other users.

8. Staff Decisions - While staff decisions are usually final, please feel free to use the Suggestion Box (on the sidebar) to make any suggestions you have in mind, in a logical and polite fashion.

9. Netspeak - Though we cannot control how you type, Lumos Alliance asks you most politely to type without using "Netspeak" or any form of typing that is not "normal". This includes "L33T", please and thank you.

10. Prejudice and/or Disrespect - Prejudice is strictly prohibited! Any display of prejudice and/or disrespect (relating to race, sexual orientation or even one's choices) will result in suspension, or more likely, expulsion. Play nice!

11. Avatars and Signatures - Avatars are recommended to remain under 100x100 pixels (width x height). Avatars are automatically resized, so this should not present a problem. Signatures are to be no larger than 400x200 pixels (width x height). Signatures caught exceeding the limits will be removed some time after a warning has been given, and multiple offenses will result in larger action being taken.

Animated gif signatures should be kept simple and limited (not have too much animation in them), please.

12. Post Format - While enthusiasm is always encouraged, please do not write your posts/post titles entirely in capital letters, and please don't overuse exclamation points.

13. Post Needs - To be accepted as a Role-Playing member you must be able to write at least one paragraph in all of your Role-Play threads. Chat threads are expected to be at least one or two sentences long. Posting one word chats will be considered spam and removed.

All roleplaying posts must be written in third person.

14. Submissions - Being a private website, we retain the right to own all things submitted to the site. Once a submission is on our server, it is ours and we will not remove it if you feel it's yours and you don't want it online anymore. This includes scripts or graphics uploaded by our staff.

15. Advertising - Lumos Alliance forbids advertising of any website that we do not consider an affiliate or sister website, outside of expressly designated areas. This includes direct links, owl links, images, or anything of the sort. The link/message will be removed upon staff realization.

This also includes links to any illegal material or pornography, please and thank you.

16. Bidding - Bidding with fake and real items is very popular on the internet. To prevent users getting scammed, we maintain that any user who scams another (whether it be with product delivery or payment) will be expelled permanently from Lumos Alliance. Keep it fun, please.

17. Canon Names - No canon names from either Harry Potter or any other fandom are allowed on this site. This is also true of any "relationships" with canon characters. So relationship between you and Harry Potter will never happen. And having Sirius Black as your uncle is also a no.

18. Other Canon Names - No canon names from other fandoms are acceptable either. You cannot be Bella Swan, or related to a character from another fandom. Also misspelling canon names like "Weesly" or "Dumbledor" is also not acceptable. All names that like this will be deleted as soon as they discovered and you will have to re-enroll with a new user name.

19. Special Powers - Special powers are not to be used on this site unless you have been granted permission after applying. These "special powers" include vampires, werewolves, the ability to shapeshift, seeing the future etc. Any threads seen with these or any other special power, will be sealed.

20. Use of Spells and Curses - A user may only role play spells that the student would know. So, if you are in first year, you can not use a spell that is taught in third year. There is a list of spells that can be used found here if you are uncertain which spells you can use. Unforgivable Curses are not to be used at all. Those caught using them will be penalized!

21. Role Playing of Ages and Year Groups - It is preferred that students not RP ages other than those of the year they are in. For instance, if you are a first year, please do not tell people you are 16. If you wish to bypass this, just don't mention how old you are in RP.

22. Account deletions - We do not delete user accounts by request. Please keep this in mind when applying for membership, as if you get "bored" of your character, you can not request that the account be deleted and start over. Because the characters on this site are not canon, that means you can change your plot lines or character history when you get bored.

23. Name Changes - If you wish for a name change, "name change" tickets can be purchased with Donor Points from the Donor's Store. The only time you do not have to purchase a name change is if your character is married. If you are serious about marrying your character to another member then you both will need to discuss it with the HM and DHM before the name change can take place. Both characters must be graduates before they will be allowed to marry in character.

If you receive the name change and we later find out that you are role-playing otherwise you will be reprimanded.

Last Updated: 1st September 2016, 16:27 EST

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