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Don't Be Riddikulus!

Dear Students, Today’s lesson will be a practical session, so please head over to the my office in a timely fashion. Latecomers can help with the cleanup afterwards. Gregory James, Head of Hufflepuff
Homework: 20 points Role-play in no less than 300 words your participation in this class. Please read the classroom rules before posting. All students must list their name, year, house and sources when when submitting this homework. You shouldn’t need to use external sources for this lesson, although if you do you must list them. No points will be awarded for failure to follow instructions, not listing sources, use of the Dark Arts, godmodding without permission or plagiarism. Once you have posted your response to the class in the designated thread you must turn in this assignment with a link to that post. If you don’t follow this step, I will not be able to mark the assignment and you’ll miss out on the house points. Please note that Riddikulus is a third-year spell and therefore can only be used by students of the third year group or above. To get around this, first and second year students may face their fear and have an NPC older student banish it for them - or they may run away from it. You must not godmod other students on site or myself, aside from saying I was walking around the class, without first obtaining permission (this must be stated in OOC at the top of your RP). To complete this assignment you must say what the Boggart before you is, what your Boggart is, and how you dealt with it. The Boggart-Banishing Spell must be used in the RP, be that by you or the person after you if you don’t defeat the Boggart yourself. You don’t have to defeat the creature, you may fail, have it cycle through more than one fear, or simply run away if you are overcome by fear. You may choose to carry on from the Boggart in the post above your’s or be ambiguous about what went on before you. A maximum of 3 bonus points is available for outstanding answers! As Big as the Sky
The door clicked softly behind Cassie, and she strode confidently up to her desk at the front of the room. As she did so, the professor called out, her voice only slightly dimming the din. She sighed as she reached the table, and drew her wand out from under her robes. "Sonorus," she whispered before her voice came out like a scream. "Listen up, kids." Her voice rang through the room, instantly silencing it. "Quietus." Her voice back to normal, she stared at the class. "You just witnessed the introduction to today's lesson. Or, what was going to be. Since you guys apparently don't need to magnify your voice, we'll be learning about another charm today. Which means you shouldn't get your hopes up for a practical demonstration." Twirling her wand like a baton, the witch walked to the front of her desk and leaned back against the wooden piece. It felt more comfortable than standing stiff behind the piece of furniture. More natural. After all, Cassie wasn't really used to her new position yet. "Capacious extremis, or the undetectable extension charm. Oh, and before I continue, I suggest you start writing. Because I will not hold your hand and teach you how to take big boy steps. I will not repeat anything besides this warning, so sit up and listen up. Heavily controlled by the ministry, this is an example of advanced charm work. I won't be repeating myself. Now, obviously, it extends the inside of any container, such as a purse or trunk. The outside however, will retain the same dimensions." Going back behind the desk, Cassie started to rummage through one of the drawers. After about a minute of searching that was punctuated by restless silence from the class, the professor finally found what she was looking for. It was a small round container about an inch both wide and deep. "Now, as I said before, this charm is heavily controlled by the ministry so I won't be doing a demonstration. I will, however, show you how this spell works theoretically." Turning the small jar so the opening faced the class, Cassie sighed deeply. Because to be honest, the professor was boring herself with all the damn theory. "If this little thing had been charmed, I could stick any one of the books in here, no problem. Or, any of you, for that matter." The idea tempted the Ravenclaw for more than a moment. It would have been fun, besides the whole breaking laws and lacking professionalism thing. "Oh, and another thing. Besides being heavily controlled, this is extremely advanced magic, which means you won't just get in serious trouble, you'll probably hurt yourself." The witch clapped her hands once in an attempt to get everyone's attention back. After all, she wouldn't have blamed them if they fell asleep. "Please be sure to complete the homework on the board."
Homework - 10 points Name, year, house, and lesson title are all expected at the top of your assignment. And since you will need external sources, I expect those to be there as well. Plagiarism will not be tolerated. Also, please include the questions with your answers. 1. Name the two main functions of this spell. (2) 2. What category of objects can not be stored in the bag? (1) 3. Which portion of the container is affected and which is not when casting this spell? (2) 4. Pick a container that you would cast this spell on. Please write about why you would choose that object, what you would put inside, and what you would use it for. There is no word count for this, but please include detail. (5) Pretty in Pink
How the Vampire even found himself back in this shithole was beyond him but hey, you got to make a living somehow right? The class was dingy and old and it honestly was probably better than some of the backstage areas he’d had to rest in when he toured for a bit. Not that Lars ever became famous. His band had been a joke. The people were just as bad. You can’t have rock and roll without all the other bad crap that comes with it and it just wasn’t something he ever was interested in. Beckham preferred the sober life. So after a few years of touring and trying to get a lift off, he’d finally come back to the United Kingdom and lo and behold, a drunken Headmistress asked him if he was looking for a job. The unemployed vamp eagerly took the position not thinking about the ‘here and now’ aspect. Suddenly he was here and now he was regretting it. At forever eighteen years old, there was no doubt in his mind that he wouldn’t be taken seriously - not by his face. However, he’d lived a good fifty-six years now and even then he never grew up. Who was he kidding anyway? Damn it all if he wanted to be some stiff in the damned castle. As students shuffled in, he leaned against his desk and watched heads turn as if they were awaiting someone else. ”If you’re looking for the Professor… I’m right here.” Lars said as he flashed a brilliant smile that showed off his pearly fangs. ”Of course, I won’t have any of that bull crap. You all will call me Lars or you’ll see just how fast I’ll give you detention.” The Slytherin sneered before stepping forward and clapping his hands together. He wasn’t used to this kind of stuff and though it had been a long time since he was in a classroom setting, the man could certainly still remember the bitter feeling of being in one. ”I’m starting you on easy stuff since it’s already midterm. Muggle Classic Rock.” He stated firmly wondering just how many kids in here actually knew what he meant by that. ”I could sit here and teach you several different instruments, maybe even a bit of singing if you aren’t entirely tone deaf. But I’d rather you lot actually knew what music means before you go parading around trying to be a damned musician.” Lars said flatly, his tone as even as ever and hauntingly low. ”Rock music originated in the United States around the 1950’s but it didn’t really make it’s way over here until around the sixties. It was the rock and roll era, the records that all the new subgenres stem from, and most importantly, those songs from way back when are now considered ‘classics’.” He said a bit more enthusiastically. Rock music was, and always would be, his favorite genre but he did dabble in a few others as well. It was the spirit behind Rock music that made it as amazing as it was, though. ”There are so many different bands that came out in that period and continued to emerge until the sound began to change a bit in the early nineties. So with that in mind, I want you guys to remember that most of the time when someone is referring to Classic Rock, they’re talking about artists from the fifties all the way to the eighties. A thirty-year span of music history.” With a smirk, the man walked behind his desk and sat down in the chair before propping his feet up onto a pile of papers he could care less about. ”Those famous artists are going to be our focus today.” The Vampire concluded before looking around the room and noting the bored expressions. He had half a mind to hex the lot of them, maybe that one spell that makes you burst out singing. That would do just fine. Of course, he couldn’t actually do that but it was the thought that counted. ------------------------------------------------ Homework - 10 pts Please make sure to put your name, year, lesson title and all source links at the top of your page. If you fail to do so, then I will be forced to give you a zero and that’s just not cool, mate. 1. List five bands from this period of time that were famous. (2 pts) 2. Of those five, choose one and tell me what year they formed. (2 pt) 3. Name three songs and their artists. (2 pts) 4. Which types of instruments do Rock musicians typically use? (2 pts) 5. Why do you think Classic Rock is an important genre? (2 pts) Bonus - 5 pts In no less than 100 words tell me what was the first album you bought and why. Describe why you liked or didn’t like it. Did it affect the genre of music you listen to now? This can be written in-character or out of character. The more creative you get the more points you’ll receive. Wizard First Aid
Patience was a vital trait for a good thief and, usually, Arkadia was as patient as Hogwarts was magical. But she had made absolutely no progress towards her end goal and it was driving her crazy. The fact that she had to pause in her efforts teach a bunch of kids was aggravating. She had to remember this was a job—just like all the other jobs, she had to have patience. Living as someone else was a thing she'd never done before which would probably explain her restlessness. Usually the thief took a few days to case a joint, it took, usually, an hour or two to slip in and out of any give place with the target item in hand. There was usually little to no human interaction. She liked it like that. Arkadia had never been a people person. She didn't know how to function properly as a normal person in society so she usually came off too blunt and brusque and people usually steered clear of her. Why had she thought she could survive all the people in Hogwarts? Ugh. “Those of you that failed to turn in your liability waivers and parent signed permission slips have two options: sit in the back of the room and touch nothing or go find something else to do for the next hour.” Dusting off the little bits of chips from her lap Arkadia watched expectantly as a few kids filed out of the classroom and a couple of kids settled themselves in the back. The remaining students sat at their designated work areas with a mixture of bored, enthralled, and otherwise engaged expressions. “The rest of you get to learn about healing magic and basic muggle first aid. Which is just good knowledge to have to begin with. And it is vital to what we are going to be doing for the next… however many weeks are in a semester.” She really needed to research the whole school thing better. She remembered attending Hogwarts but the details were fuzzy and overshadowed by the drama that all but smothered her high school education. If she was going to blend in and look like a real professor who knew normal professor things, then she needed to get her shit together. “Like I said last week; you will break bones, lose hair, get sick, knock out your own teeth or that of one of your classmates, and probably knock yourself out a time or two.” Kadi paused and considered her words. Maybe she needed to soften the blow here. They were just kids after-all and probably frightened easily. “During our next session we will be warding our work stations in an effort to prevent injury—and it does help… up to a point. But don’t worry—all the damage you do to your person is fixable. Usually.” Which came out less reassuring and more scary then the witch intended but… meh. They were going to have to get used to the idea of sustaining minor injuries. “So, first thing—at each and every work area there is a standard muggle first aid kit in the top left drawer. It’s got the basic muggle supply and I also added a few wizard items so we’d have all our bases covered. Take a few minutes and go through the kit. Everything is labeled clearly—if you have any questions ask…” Begrudgingly Arkadia acknowledged the fact that she was going to have to act like an actual professor and answer inane questions. “You can ask me.” The money—she had to focus on the money she was going to pull from this heist. “Before that though, I want you to consult your classmates or Woogle it before coming to me. Hogwarts has Wifi now, right? I’m pretty sure I read that somewhere… either way try to figure it out on your own first.” The impostor professor moved to her work bench and allowed the students to dig through their own individual first aid kits. They were equipped as well as they could be but were still lacking. The kids would add more potions and supplies to their kits as they figured out their project for the semester. Her own first aid kit had the basic supplies but not much in the way of potions. Arkadia worked alone in all things, it was how she preferred things. There was less of a chance of betrayal and mishaps if she was only reliant on herself. An Anti-Paralysis potion in her own kit would be useless because how in the hell would she down the drought if she couldn’t move? The witch relied on her ability to ward her work space. It had taken a long time to prefect the spells and charms but eventually Arkadia had created a work space that kept her alive and not on fire. And suddenly she missed it. It wasn't like she could just pop home for a quick visit either. She had to keep up the charade until-- Merlin only knew when. At the rate she was currently going it wouldn't be for years. Regardless of her timeline the kids' first aid kits were a different case altogether. The students would always have someone working close by so it made the most sense to stock each one with potions and have the kids practice healing spells and charms. Minor injuries aside, they would all be healthy. Mostly. At least that was what she'd promised Devane. How long she could keep that promise, she didn't know. “Alright, let’s move onto the fun part.” She gripped her magically-enhanced muggle pocket knife and moved to the center of the room once more. Using her wand the woman passed out a list of healing spells and charms to all. “What you all now have is a list of some basic but useful spells and charms to use when you or a classmate are injured. Most of the wand movements are simple, or easy enough to master with practice. Let’s have a demonstration, shall we?” Arkadia held her uninjured palm up to and without a moment of hesitation ran her pocket knife blade over it. It stung and bleed instantly. Perhaps slicing her hand open wasn't the way to go here? Eh. Too late. “The spell that’s going to clean then wound, stop the blood flow, and knit the skin back together is what? Can anyone name it? Can anyone cast it?” Silence. No hands shot up. “No one?” Which was understandable. Even adult-sized wizards didn’t make it their business to know basic healing spells. Healers were there for a reason after-all and the average wizard didn’t constantly injure themselves, so they didn’t make it their business to know. “Vulnera Sanentur” She poked the small wound and held it up to show the blood being pulled back into her body and her sliced skin knit back together. “So… kinda melodramatic but now you know that these spells do work—if you do them correctly.” She’d been going for comforting but maybe she had missed the mark? Shit, she didn't know. She hadn't actually hung out and interacted with other humans in a long time. “The best way to get these spells down is to research and practice them. Now I don’t want anyone cracking their heads open to see if their partner might be able to magically fix it—but what I want you to do is research every spell, charm, and hex on the list I just gave you and practice the wand movements. Theoretical wand work is boring as hell, I know, but you’ll be able to practice them for real soon enough. Please remember that I am not asking you to become Healers, I do not expect perfection, I just need you all to have a basic knowledge because this stuff is going to become a big part of your academic life.” With that said the thief moved back to her bag of chips and soda to wait out the remaining class time. “Get to work.” Homework: 15pts Name, year, house, and the lesson title should be at the top of your homework. Each item on the list is 1pt. If you have not completed WIZARD HACKS REGISTRATION you cannot do this lesson. If you do the homework and have not completed the first lesson it will automatically be a zero. Failure to follow the above will cause you to lose some or all points. Spell List Define each item as a spell, charm or hex. Yes, some of them have the type in the name but ignore that and do it anyway. Explain what each item on the list does. Note: Not all on the list are healing spells. Here's an example: Vulnera Sanentur | Spell | Slows blood flow, clears residue, and knits wounds. Tergeo Episkey Extinguishing Spell Ferula Magicus Extremos Rennervate Waddiwasi Densaugeo Imperturbable Charm Reparifors Reparo Scouring Finite Intruder Charm Shield Penetration Helpful Links You’ll find most of the answers on this website. It’s always helpful to Woogle(wizard google—or just try plain ol' google too) hp spell list as well. Delightful Desserts
He’s lucky Louis got to him first. Ashton thought as he barged into his classroom with a little more force than he had anticipated. He had been rather annoyed ever since he had gotten up this morning and found out that Halsey had broadcasted the deputy’s private affairs to the whole damn school and as much as he tried to hide his anger, it was easier said than done. Approaching the front of the room, he quickly noticed that most of the students were staring at him with an odd look. ”So, ovens. Some of you may know what those are, but for those of you that may not, they are devices used for heating and cooking food.” he opened of the lesson and tried to ignore the looks. Though the professor felt like almost everyone probably knew what an oven is and what it was used for, he also was aware of the fact that there were definitely more “privileged” students within the school who had probably never even set foot in a kitchen before which meant he had to actually explain to the students even the simplest of facts. ”Ovens are used to cook a variety of things, but today we’re going to be focusing on desserts since they’re generally easier to make. We’ll move on to cooking more complicated things once I can trust you all to not burn down the room.” he added on. While it was still possible for things to go terribly wrong even with just allowing them to use an oven, it was the safest route he could go other than having them make “no bake” desserts, but that would have defeated the purpose of the class and wasn’t nearly as entertaining. ”Today should be a pretty easy day because all you have to do is choose a baked dessert to make and actually make it. You’ll be choosing between blackberry cobbler, cherry pie, or cupcakes; all three of which I have recipes written out for you to follow. Please take care as to be careful and not hurt yourself, however, I’ll be around in case you do. “You have the rest of the class to finish this.” he finished up before quickly placing a small stack of each recipe out on his desk for the students to choose from. Homework: 15-20 points You are either; 1.Roleplay yourself attempting to make one of the three recipes listed above in at least 350 words for a total of 15 points or 2. Partner up with someone and roleplay the two of you trying to make one of the listed recipes. Each person will need to post at least twice and each post needs to be at least 300 words long. Since this option takes more time and effort, you can get an additional 5 points if you choose to go this route for a maximum of 20 points. Once you’re done with the thread, you’ll need to submit a link to your thread in the homework submit box. Anyone who chooses to do this option will need to post their threads here. Bonus points will be given out for creativity and well written RPs High Society
Term was just barely halfway through and it was much of a relief to the former Auror as he took a stand in front of his desk. Throughout the last few weeks he’d been working on teaching about the more important parts of Magical History, the government, policies, and procedures. This included his first original lesson on the trace which after receiving quite a few essays from students he was not only profoundly moved by the the way some felt, he was also in a bit of hot water for having taught the lesson in the first place. Someone may have mentioned along the lines, Don’t piss off the ministry teaching kids stuff like that. The man briefly rolled his eyes at the thought and crossed his arms awaiting for the next period to start. Today’s lesson was of the utmost importance, especially to those who didn’t know much about the way that a wizarding body of government works. As students shuffled in and took their seats he eyed the room making sure that this time, everything was intact and hopefully there wouldn’t be any interruptions. ”It seems that some of you may be unaware of the way that things work in our communities - our government especially. This will be rectified.” The dark haired wizard stated getting straight to the point before flicking his wand to the board. ”The Ministry of Magic. There are seventeen known countries that have one, with us being one of them. They are responsible for multiple things including but not limited to regulating and enforcing laws, as well as keeping us hidden from the muggle world.” As he spoke, a piece of chalk began writing these notes against the blackboard for him. The man always was fond of that little trick, and well, he rather didn’t want to have to write it all out by himself. It took up precious time. ”There are also other forms of wizarding governments that we are aware of like the Wizarding Council, Council of Magic, and the Magical Congress of the United States of America. However, I find it strange that despite this we know almost next to nothing about the differences or even the possibility of other governments out there.” The man concluded his opening statement before grabbing up the History of Magic textbook and holding it out for everyone to see. ”Turn to page two hundred and four so we can begin.” Damien shuffled through the pages himself until he landed on the exact page he was looking for. ”Currently, our Minister of Magic is Alera Matthews. She was appointed some time after Amyl Ous stepped down though the Ministry never released information as to why she did so. We can only assume that it was in part due to the all the happenings around wizarding London, as well as against Hogwarts.” This statement was only the beginning, though for the most part filler for what he really wanted to talk about. The Ministry of Magic was known for their rather shady behavior, and while Mrs. Matthews had been doing a fine job in office this history went farther than her or any of the recent Ministers prior. ”Over the years, we’ve laid witness to several battles, wizarding wars, civil unrest and countless other injustices done to the community that sever our ties with not only our brethren but those injustice different as well. From the Goblin wars to the discrimination against other races - we as a populace have been force fed a propaganda that in turn changes our views on the way we see each other.” He announced knowing full well that the statement alone could get him in trouble once more but he didn’t quite care for that. They wanted a History of Magic Professor not a news reporter paid to feed the children whatever they were told to. ”While I’d love to start with the basics, I’m more concerned about the preconceived notions that we have surrounding races of wizarding folks. I’m talking about Werewolves, Vampires, Veelas, and even the scarcely seen Kitsune. There is discrimination against all kinds and I want to delve a little deeper into that.” He stated before turning his attention the the book. ”You’ll note that this chapter is all about this, and one of the key things that we’ll be looking at is how they’ve been treated over the years.” Damien closed his book and stretched out noting that time was beginning to run short. ”The stuff you’ll find in there will most likely be the discriminations that the former three races have had to deal with but what you won’t find is anything about the Kitsune Populace. This race has been in hiding for centuries. They were driven to banding together and becoming wanderers because of the unfair treatment they received just for the simple fact that they were different. In fact, there was a war in the early 1400s that you won’t find in your history book but rather one you can look for in the library.” He finished. ”What I want is for you to do your research on all these Wizarding Races and answer the questions written on the board. Class is dismissed.” With that final statement, the man turned and sat behind his desk with his feet propped against the wall underneath the blackboard. It was going to be a long semester. ------------------------------------------- Homework - 20 pts Please write your name, year, lesson title and any sources at the top of your homework. If you do not follow directions as I have asked then you will lose points or earn yourself a detention. You will find a new book in the Library Section titled “History of the Kitsune” that you may use for this lesson. All other beings are to be researched elsewhere. Questions - 10 pts 1. Why are Veelas considered dangerous? (1 pt) 2. Who was the man who started the war against Kitsunes? (1 pt) 3. Why do Kitsunes hold a grudge against us? (2 pts) 4. What are other ways in which a Vampire can sustain their energy (other than drinking blood)? (3 pts) 5. What is the Guidelines for the Treatment of Non-Wizard Part-Humans? (1 pt) 6. How were Werewolves affected by the Anti-Werewolf Legislation? (2 pts) Essay - 10 pts I would like a quick essay in no less than 200 words on one of these races and why you think the treatment of them was unjust. Give as many details as you possibly can to support your answer. On the opposite spectrum, you may also argue why you think that the treatment is fair. Bonus points will be awarded to those who give an exceptional response at a maximum of five points each. Alternatively, you may choose to do one or the other for this assignment however you will only receive half the points instead of the full 20 and all bonus points will be added to your overall score. Bonus points do not count towards answering only the questions. Wizard Hacks Registration
“Alright, nerds, listen up. I am Professor Blumberg and this is Hacks.” The thief swept into the room, only two minutes late, and took positon at the front of the class. She’d forgotten how big the place was and how easily she could get lost in it. Niceties forgotten, Arkadia jumped right into the thick of it. “What we’ll be doing in this class is taking what you already know about spells and charm-work and making it actually useful. I don’t mean that learning how to cast a patronus isn’t useful, or that knowing how to defend yourself against black magic isn’t—I just mean that there are different kinds of usefulness. Hacks is an everyday kind of useful.” “Here is an example.” Kadi reached over her work area and plucked her pack off the chair to brandish in the air so everyone could get a good look. A pack that had taken her a year to design, build, test, redesign, and retest. She’d singed off her eyebrows twice and knocked herself unconscious countless times in the process of making of the bag. It was an inconspicuous brown leather backpack that had saved her ass many times. She’d designed it after her first heist when everything had gone to shit and she’d had to abandon her haul or risk capture. “Everyone knows about the Undetectable Extension Charm, right? Or the Mary Poppins charm as some like to call it. Well, this pack has that going for it. It is also fire proof, water proof, warded against wands that are not my own.” Arkadia accioed a bench front center and placed her pack on it. “Incendio!” The bench caught fire but, much like the Mother of Dragons, her pack remained unmarred by the flame. “Aguamenti!” The fire was smothered quickly under the jet of water and the pack remained dry as bone. “Alright, someone try to summon it. ” She grinned when a few ‘Accio’s’ sounded and the pack remained stationary. “Accio pack.” It flew directly into her outstretched hand. “It has a climate controlled compartment with the humidity set at 45% and the temperature between 70-75 degrees Fahrenheit at all times—which, let me tell ya, was the hardest part to do.” Maybe she shouldn’t have shared that last bit. They were just kids though; what could they possibly know about the proper storage conditions for stolen art? “It’s got a snack pocket that reflects the temperature of the items in it. Which means it’ll keep a burrito hot and a popsicle cold. And the best part...” The thief dropped a small stack of books and a wrench inside the bag and handed it to the nearest student. “Can you find the items I just tossed in there?” “No, I can’t. It’s all just… stuff on Big Foot.” The shook his head in confusion and inspected the Big Foot pin and research papers more carefully. “Exactly, anyone besides me reaching into the pack is only going to pull out documented Big Foot sightings and research papers.” She took possession of the pack once more to pull out the wrench and books one by one. “Separately most of the these spells and charms are easy enough to do but when you put them together all on one item—it becomes a more difficult endeavor. That’s laying magic on top of magic and it’s dangerous. Not only do you have to coax the charms and potions and spells to exist in harmony with one another but you also have to make sure you’re not dampening one charm with another. And then there is splicing one charm with another and not exploding your own face in the process.” “This is not a mandatory class. Meaning you can choose to be here or not. If what I just said doesn’t suit your fancy—then you’re welcome to drop the class. You’re gonna need patience, creativity—seriously, creativity is a must. If you can’t pick up a piece of parchment and draw a stick figure, then this class is not for you." Creativity meant adaptability. Being able to think on one's feet was a must. "You’ll need to have advanced skill in charms and potions. Muggle know-how isn’t a must but it does help. You need to be meticulous and attentive to your surroundings. Being able to follow directions is important.” “To those of you still not deterred be aware that this class is dangerous. You are going to cause explosions, make yourselves sick with potions gone wrong, and definitely lose all the hair on your face and head. I have seared off my own eyebrows experimenting—I don’t even know how many times. I have set myself on fire a few times, been knocked out hundreds of times, been so sick from bad potions that I’ve had to stay in St. Mungo’s for weeks at a time—dangerous is what this class is.” “Now, with that in mind, and you still think you can hack it, fill out the registration—get your parents or guardian to sign it—yes, it is a liability waiver, I will not be getting sued for sending you home with nine fingers instead of ten. Then find a spot; the work benches are all the same but once you claim a spot there will be no switching, so pick wisely. We’ll start on the real stuff next week.” Arkadia indicated the stack of registration forms at the end of her work bench and sat back to watch as the students filed out. Day one: complete. Now she could focus on what she actually came to Hogwarts for. Homework: 20pts Name, year, house, and the lesson title should be at the top of your homework. This homework should include your class application, a link to the your rp, and your preferred font. Failure to follow the above will cause you to lose some or all points. Class Registration Form Full Name: Charms Skill: Explain you proficiency or lack thereof in spell and charm-work Potions Skill: Explain you proficiency or lack thereof in potions Muggle Knowledge: What do you know of muggles? Are you muggle-born or pureblood? Item(s) you would like to hack: Detail here what you would like to make in this class. Preferred font: I will be putting a list of registered students up in my classroom and I want to make it look like each character signed their names individually. So you can either link me a font you’d think your character would write in or name one of the free font sites. I acknowledge the risks involved in Wizard Hacks 101. These include but are not limited to: severe burns, potion-related illnesses, loss of limb, boils and rash outbreaks, hair loss... etc. I swear that I am participating voluntarily, and that all risks have been made clear to me. Additionally, I do not have any conditions that will increase my likelihood of experiencing injuries while engaging in this activity. I, [insert name here], fully understand and agree to the above terms. Parent/Guardian Signature: Write roleplay of at least 300 words of yourself reacting to the lecture and claiming a work bench in class. The RP should be posted in this thread. 5 bonus points will be handed out for including a picture of your own workbench in the thread (you can find an example of a workbench in my office). The picture should be no bigger in then 400w by 250h. If you break the thread, I will not award bonus points. Helpful links: To those of you without the means to edit a picture you can use this editor and this uploader. I won’t be helping with bb code—google it. Seriously, google is your friend. New Teaching Assistant
It is a great honor to announce that Jeremy Baldwin will now be the new Teaching Assistant for History of Magic. When my teaching methods come into question you can be sure to ask him. If you're confused and I am unable to get to your questions in time then you may owl him though we will both try to answer as promptly as possible. Congratulations, Mr. Baldwin! Immobilize
Cassie took a deep breath and looked around the classroom. Somehow it felt smaller, now that she was older. Straightening her papers to make sure everything was just right before the class, she mentally reviewed what she was going to say in her head. Nervous wasn't a word that was usually used to describe the witch, but it could certainly be used at that moment. But the word excited was something that always applied to the professor, and she was relieved that her excitement was stronger than her anxiety. As students started to file in, Cassie quickly laid out her wand and a small glass jar with a olive green frog inside on her desk. "Good morning class," she called out, and the room fell near silent, with all eyes pointed towards her. "Welcome to Charms. Before we start, I'm going to clarify something. This class will not be 'easy'," she said, using air quotes which some might have though a childish gesture, but the witch didn't really care what others thought. "You will be challenged here, maybe not right now, but at some point you will need some skills which you will learn by paying attention." "There will be a practical portion to this lesson, so please have your wands at the ready." The blonde waited for a second until the rustling of robes stopped. Leaving her wand on the table, she walked around to the front of her desk. "Today, we will be learning about Immobulus or the freezing charm. The basic idea is to freeze living things, but this spell can also be used to disable tech." She picked up the glass jar, unscrewed the lid, and lay the container on its side. After a few seconds, the frog hopped out on the desk, straing wide eyed at its new surroundings. "I will now demonstrate on this frog, and afterwards you should all pick up your jar that I've set out for you and practice." Turning back to the animal, she lifted the wand up and pointed at the frog. "Immobulus!" she said loudly, her voice echoing slightly throughout the room. The frog froze, and Cassie gently lifted the animal up and placed it back in the jar.
Homework- 15 pts Please be sure to list your name, year, house, and the lesson title at the top of your homework. External sources are not required, but if you use them make sure to list them on your homework. Failure to follow the above will cause you to lose some or all points. Write an RP of yourself casting the spell in class in at least 250 words. Please keep in mind this is a second year spell and have your character fail or succeed accordingly. You may cast your spell on any small rodent, amphibian, or reptile (i.e. mouse or frog). Bonus points will be handed out for truly creative writing. Ingredient Properties
For the first time in years, Janessa felt nervous and unsure of herself as she stood at the front of a classroom that was currently empty. Her classroom. Though she had been put off by the fact that she’d be working in the same building as Ashton, let alone that he’d technically be one of her bosses since he was the deputy, she had decided that getting the opportunity to teach at Hogwarts was too good to pass up.Good morning everyone. My name is Professor Rivera. I’m your new potions professor and today we’re going to start at the beginning with what defines a potion; ingredients.” she started off the lesson as she turned around and enchanted a piece of chalk to start writing a list of ingredients on the board. ”You can learn a lot about the affect a potion will have based on what ingredients are in it. For example, if a potion has something like valerian in it which is a known sedative, the first thing you would assume is that the potion will have some sort of tranquilizing effect. You’d be right to think that as valerian root is used in both the draught of living death and the sleeping draught.” the young woman explained. She took a moment to catch her breath and let the students quickly write down any notes they deemed necessary. For it only being her first class, she thought it was going pretty well so far. ”With that being said, ingredients can also be misleading. Aconite, other wise known as wolfsbane, is said to be poisonous yet it’s used in wolfsbane potion to help werewolves keep their mind during transformations.” she added on with a smile. However, ingredients aren’t the only thing that helps determine the effects a potion will have. The order in which you add them to your potion and the brewing process also play a part. Sometimes putting in an ingredient too late or too soon is all it takes for disastrous results to happen. Something like that can turn a potion poisonous.” the witch warned.She vaguely remembered an incident in her fourth year when some kid misread the instructions and cause a small explosion while trying to make a potion during class. Noticing that she was getting low on time, Janessa tried to squeeze some more information in. Due that, it’s extremely important you follow directions precisely anytime we try to brew any up for class. I highly doubt you want to end up sending yourself or others to the hospital wing or have to explain to your parents why you need a new cauldron because you melted yours. Anyways, homework is written on the board so make sure you write it down before you go.” he stated before taking a seat at her desk and preparing for her next class. Homework: 10 points Name, lesson, and any sources you used outside of the lesson are to be listed. Below is a list of ingredients. For each one you are to list any properties they have (healing, poisonous, ect) or what they are used to help with/are for if properties aren’t listed. 1.Flobberworm Mucus 2.Valerian 3.Starthistle 4.Cowbane 5.Shrivelfig 6.Alihotsy 7.Bezoar 8.Lovage 9.Star Grass 10.Dittany Expecto Patronum!
As soon as the last student took their seat the classroom was plunged into darkness without any pre-warning. Within seconds the temperature had dropped significantly and the magical projectors flickered to life, casting an illusionary Dementor in the centre of the class complete with tattered robes, decaying skin and rattling breath. Professor James had informed this sorry lot in the previous lesson that they would be completing the work on Dementors today, so if anybody shrieked or fainted at the sudden appearance of the creature it was their own fault for not preparing before the class. ”The Patronus Charm is one of the most complex spells a witch or wizard can learn, the spell is fuelled by happy memories and is often considered a concentrated stream of pure happiness.” The professor took to pacing the area around the creature to make sure everyone was paying attention. ”The majority of people will only ever manage an incorporeal Patronus that looks like silver vapour or smoke, if they manage it at all, although some might actually choose to cast this vapour if their Patronus reveals something they wish to conceal. This weaker version of the spell will provide limited protection, and will lack the defensive power of a corporeal Patronus, which takes on the form of an animal.” As for himself, Gregory didn’t think about the meaning of his own Patronus beyond the fact he could cast one. He left the airy-fairy tripe of what it said about him to people who didn’t have anything better to do than try to find a deeper meaning in everything. ”The form your Patronus will take will only be revealed when you successfully cast one, and they often represent what is hidden and unknown within the caster. Patronuses remain the same throughout the life of their caster unless they are subject to a great changes in their character, such as during times of bereavement or falling in love. It’s not uncommon for a Patronus to represent the person you fall in love with and, while it’s worth noting that no two Patronuses are exactly the same, matching pairs have also been known to occur...” Without warning, the professor picked up a large textbook from one desk and slammed it down on another, right in front of two students who seemed to be more interested in each other than the lesson itself. ”Am I interrupting you? I suggest that you finish making faces at each other immediately and pay attention. I won’t ask again.” The pair watched him with wide eyes but otherwise didn't move a muscle. “While it’s very rare for a Patronus to be an extinct or magical creature, it has been known to happen.” After continuing to give the teens a baleful glare for a moment, Gregory finally peeled himself away and patrolled the rest of the class for any more idiots not paying attention. Naughty children were a piece of cake to deal with, he merely didn’t deal with hormones and kissy-faces. ”Another quirk is that only a handful of casters have been able to produce the animal of their choice in the whole time this ancient spell has been in use. These witches and wizards have always been people who are unable to hide their inner selves or have a tendency to wear their personality in a way that others would choose to conceal.” He let this information sink in for a moment before moving on. Truth be told, the Welshman hadn’t the misfortune of directly encountering a Dementor attack in his travels and he hoped none of these would, either. For all the harsh teaching methods he employed to prepare the students, he wouldn’t wish the foul creatures on any of them. Maybe apart from that McKinley kid who seemed to like the man’s eldest son, he might make an exception for that impudent twit. ”Patronuses are very rare among Dark Wizards and these casters have even been killed by the spell – the Dark Wizard Raczidian was devoured by maggots when attempting it. However, a handful of Dark Wizards over the years have been known to cast it and this could be due to enough happiness being generated by their firm belief that their actions are right.” When the expected questions about the form of his own Patronus didn’t come, the professor cast an appraising glance over the class. If he was being completely honest, he wouldn’t be surprised if the rumours about him had most of this lot wondering if the spell would destroy the Head of Hufflepuff right in front of their eyes. A fair number might even hope it did. Gregory finished pacing, ending up behind the hideous, rasping creature and carefully selected a happy memory as he drew his wand. ”Look, I’m a Doxy!” the tiny blonde tugged his hand and bit down on his finger; little Frankie and her games. He made to grab his daughter and tickle the insolent little witch but she was an expert at dodging. She was gone with a giggle, her sights already locked on one of her brothers… Suddenly the memory was overridden by another, just as strong as the one before it and definitely unexpected. Vincent, the elder of the twins, was a source of constant frustration to the wizard, and of great joy even if he didn’t say it out loud. All of the children were, even Viktor who apparently wouldn’t accept him as a father. The wizard had already lost count of how many he’d given the boy and still he seemed determined to get into trouble and sass him out. If he wasn’t so exasperated with Vincent, the professor might have been impressed with his tenacity when it came to saying and doing what’s on his mind. “Look, are all these detentions really necessary? I get that you don’t want to look like you’re playing favourites by being too lenient with you own kids, but this is freaking ridiculous, dad!” The young wizard continued to speak but Gregory didn’t hear another word. Instead his heart soared, it was the first time any of the children had referred to him as their father... Expecto Patronum. The illusionary Dementor shrank backwards and retreated into nothingness as a small, unassuming silvery-white creature flitted through the air and landed on a nearby desk. The sparrow cocked its head and began to speak with the professor’s voice, ”with a great deal of practice and concentration, it’s possible to use a corporeal Patronus to communicate. They’re also useful against another type of dark creature; the Lethifold.” With that, the spectral bird took flight and landed on the board at the head of the classroom as the lights finally came back on. The Head of Hufflepuff flopped down in his chair and started shuffling through his paperwork without so much as glancing up, allowing the Patronus to do the talking for him. ”Yes, you’re getting your homework from a bloody sparrow. Deal with it.” Homework (25 points) Please read the classroom rules before posting. All students must list their name, year, house and external sources when when submitting any DADA homework. All information you need for the assignment is contained in the lesson itself, aside from the final question which will require you to find at least one external source. Please include the questions with your answers, points will be docked for not doing this. 1) What is the incantation for the Patronus Charm? (1) 2) What is an incorporeal Patronus? (2) 3) Explain the advantages and disadvantages of casting a corporeal version of this spell. (3) 4) What might influence the form a corporeal Patronus takes? (3) 5) True or false: Dark Wizards will be destroyed if they attempt to cast the Patronus Charm. (1) 6) Describe a happy memory you possess that could be strong enough to cast a Patronus of either type. Please state which type you think the memory might produce. (5) 7) Essay/ RP: (10) In no less than 200 words, describe what you think your corporeal Patronus might be and what you think it would reveal about you. Those who have registered a Patronus must use their approved Patronus for the assignment (I will check this). Alternatively, you may RP using your approved Patronus, and if you don’t have one registered you may RP your reaction to the Patronus I cast in this lesson. You must not godmod myself or the Patronus, or mention anything happening outside of what is in the lesson. (Bonus points (to a maximum of 3) will be awarded for exceptional answers. Godmodding of Frankie and Vincent Devane was approved for use in writing this lesson.) An Intoduction Into Foods
Going from teaching Transfiguration to Foods was a change of scenery that Ashton was happily welcoming. Despite the fact that he had once been an Auror and Hit Wizard at one point, most would be surprised to find out that the wizard actually quite enjoyed cooking and had used to cook for his family all the time when he was younger and still lived with his parents. ”Welcome to foods class. Obviously you’ll be doing some cooking, but that will come a bit later in the term. Today we’re just going to be talking about food in general. Other than the fact that it’s needed for survival.” he opened up the lesson. ”Food is unique in that it’s something that varies so vastly depending on people’s culture and what part of the world they live in. For example, Japanese cuisine usually focuses on rice, seafood, and seasonal ingredients while over in Italy they tend to focus on pasta, bread, and rice with bold flavors.” he started to explain as images of what he was talking about popped up in his head. ”In some places of the world, people like foods with more spice and flavors while in other parts they prefer simpler foods with complimenting flavors that are easier to cook.” he quickly added on. Ashton took a few moments to let the information he just talked about sink in before continuing on with the lesson. ”Another thing that can vary between cultures and countries is the names of different foods. A good example of this the american cookie. What they call a cookie or a cracker, we call a biscuit. What we call a biscuit is something completely different to them.” the young man chuckled. “This is something you’ll need to keep in mind during later lessons this term, but for now, you’re good to go after you write down your homework.” he announced before charming some chalk to write down their homework assignment. Homework Part 1: 5 points Name, lesson title, and sources are to be listed. If you fail to list sources you used outside of the lesson then it’s an automatic zero. You must complete both parts to get full points. What are some things that can affect how food is prepared and what ingredients are used? [2 points] What are some differences between an American biscuit and a European biscuit? [2 points] What European food does the American biscuit closely resemble? [1 point] Homework Part 2: 10 points I want you to pick a country/culture and write at least 200-300 words on food for that country/culture. Some things to talk about are Types of ingredients they favor Spices/seasonings/herbs they may like to use often How the the part of the world they’re in affects the type of food they often make Any foods that are indigenous to said country/culture Other cultures/countries that may play a part in their cuisine and how they prepare it Undetectable
It had been an arduous task over the break to help around the castle and now becoming the Head of Gryffindor seemed like an even more demanding charge. The former Auror wasn’t exactly pleased with having to take on such a role but it was the extra pay that enticed him. With a son on the way, Damien was more than willing to do as much work as he could to make sure that himself and his family were well off. In fact, Addison had even started working at the Regent during breaks to help ease the stress it was putting on the married couple. Now, however, school was back in session and he had to teach a real class rather than the Defense Class he so thoroughly enjoyed the previous term. Nothing like watching kids beat the snot out of each other and, as it turned out, his class had been somewhat helpful during the battle. This time around though he was stuck with a topic that wasn’t exactly his strong suit. Certainly, he could have gotten by with Muggle Studies but the man for some godforsaken reason decided to take the offer and teach History of Magic. If anyone knew Blackwood well enough, they’d know that magic wasn’t exactly his first train of thought in any situation. He’d grown up a Muggle-Born and worked his ass off to maintain his Muggle lifestyle even when he was in the presence of a wizarding community like his home in Hogsmeade. As students shuffled in the man lazily stood from his chair and counted heads to ensure everyone was there. Once the wizard was appeased he tapped his wand against the blackboard and watched as the words ‘The Trace’ scribble out in his chicken scratch of handwriting. ”Let’s cut to the chase. I don’t care if you recognize me or not. What I do care about is making sure that you guys aren’t naive.” The dark-haired wizard stated as he swung himself across the edge of his desk carelessly and propped a leg onto a nearby desk despite it inhabiting a student. ”Now the Trace happens to be one of the most talked about charms that are placed on you, but when? Is it really when you enter the Hogwarts’ Express or perhaps when you’re born. Does anyone know?” As he asked this question the man quirked a brow seeing a single hand raise. Oliver Scott, the notoriously shirtless twin who was apparently sitting in the back, shirtless, and had a look of confusion on his face. ”Oliver?” ”Damien, I mean Professor Damien, have you seen my shirt? Rosie says she’s going to kick my ass if I don’t put it back on.” The boy spout as he pointedly looked towards his much smaller twin who was face-palming. ”Call me that again and I’ll have your tongue too,” the girl spat. ”No I don’t know where your damn shirt is, Mr. Scott. Anyways, the answer is simple.” Damien replied with a sigh at the interruption. ”To where my shirt is?" He heard the boy pipe up again but before he could even blink the Auror watched as the petite girl grabbed up the boy and yanked him outside of the class. Through the small window, he could just barely make out that she was forcing a shirt over his head. How the girl managed it was beyond the man. ”As I was saying, there is no viable proof that the trace even exists. In fact, we are merely told at a young age that it does but if that was the case then how exactly was Tom Riddle able to kill three people in a muggle community without being detected?” Damien finally finished his statement before crossing his arms and watching as the two entered and quietly took their rightful places. ”How exactly is the ministry able to keep tabs on so many youngsters like yourselves at once?” A smile crept on his face as he leaned forward and dropped his feet from the desk. ”I mean, sure it’s our government but that would be like saying the American Government has tabs on all their soldiers at the same time which would be impossible. Some are on leave, others away from barracks, and out in the field. To try and have a single department keep tabs on those millions of people would be absolutely ridiculous.” He finished. Collecting papers from his desk he began going down the line of students and handing them each a page for homework. ”Time is up, homework is passed out and I will see you all next class.” (Permission to godmod the Scott Twins for this lesson was granted.) ------------------------------------------- Homework - 15 pts Please write your name, year, lesson title and any sources at the top of your homework. If you do not follow directions as I have asked then you will lose points or earn yourself a detention. Write an essay of no less than 200 words explaining why or why not you believe the Trace is real. I will hand out a maximum of five bonus points to those who write an exceptional piece with logical reasoning for either belief. Creatures Most Foul
Gregory dimmed the classroom lights immediately once the last of the students had taken their seats. A moment later, the temperature in the room dropped suddenly and a few uneasy glances were exchanged. ”Dementors are possibly the darkest, vilest creatures known to the magical world and are certainly one of the deadliest,” he began without preamble. With any luck, setting the class on edge by not letting them know what to expect would have them paying attention. Over the previous terms the professor managed to build a fearsome reputation by using catastrophic spells and dark magic in defence of the school. Many students found his demeanor intimidating before the battles, and now they treated him as though he possessed an aura of fear. Perhaps he did. One thing was certain, he planned to spend this term teaching the students to face their fears. ”The first thing you’ll experience if a Dementor is present is an unexpected darkening of the area and a sudden chill.” The professor began his customary pacing through the room. While he could simulate these effects to a certain extent, it wasn’t possible to do more than describe how being near one of the creatures really felt. With a flick of his wand, the concealed bewitched projectors cast a disturbing image into the room; a tall, humanoid shape covered in a hooded cloak of torn black cloth. A grey hand wrinkled with decay reached out as if to grab the students as it glided silently towards the desks. The figure suddenly emitted a wet rattling sound, a breath that sounded as though it was trying to draw more than air from its surroundings. ”A real Dementor will draw the warmth and light from its surroundings while it feeds on your positive emotions. The effects will be stronger the more creatures are present. You might start to feel your positive emotions slip away and be forced to feel negative emotions instead; usually anxiety, sadness or fear – and some victims have reported experiencing the sensation that they would never be able to feel happiness again.” ”Dementors are blind and are drawn to their human prey by sensing their emotions, meaning they can see though tricks and disguises. They are drawn to dark, filthy places and seek to make everything just like them; dark and loathsome with nothing but their worst experiences left. Animal emotions aren’t complex enough to attract these creatures, and an Animagus in their animal form might be able to trick a Dementor into ignoring them because of this.” He paused as the robed figure continued to paw at the students from in front of their desks. Right on cue, its hood feel back to reveal a face of grey, decaying skin stretched over sockets where its eyes should be and a only a ragged, shapeless hole for a mouth. They were lucky he hadn’t been in the mood to simulate the smell of decay. ”Victims may be forced to live their worst memories over and over while the Dementor feeds on their positive emotions and memories. After exposure over a long period, victims eventually succumb to their negative emotions, their worst memories, and are driven insane.” ”The last, and most deadly, ability of these dark creatures is the Dementor’s Kiss. If a Dementor latches its mouth onto their victim’s they can suck out their soul, leaving nothing but an empty husk that has no personality, no memory or feelings and no chance of recovery. Once the soul is gone, it’s gone forever.” His reputation might be in tatters because of recent events and most of the class probably thought he was already a soulless monster, but that last part always got to him. To have one’s soul destroyed and simply exist? It was something he refused to dwell on, and he carried on with the lesson instead. ”To recover from the presence of a Dementor, a victim needs to experience something that enhances their mood – that makes them happy. Chocolate is a good short-term counter for the effects of an attack, although finding ways to fight the creatures and become happier without the use of chocolate is better for recovery, not to mention for being able to battle them more successfully in the future.” ”The only spell effective against Dementors is the Patronus Charm; Expecto Patronum. I shouldn’t need to say it, but if you can’t cast this spell you need to get to safety by any means necessary, preferably by locating someone who can cast it.” It felt like he was about to tell the students the only way to survive was to cross a ravine on a rope bridge, then remove most of the boards and cut two ropes on each side. Well, life could be harsh and they all still needed to learn that. Most of you will never learn to use this highly complex spell to its full potential, if at all,” he glanced at the clock and flicked his wand at the hidden magical projectors, ”but unfortunately that is all we have time for today if you are going to finish your assignments, which are on your desks. I’ll teach you more about the Patronus Charm in the next lesson.” With that, the lighting returned to normal and the illusionary Dementor flickered out of existence. Homework (20 points) Please read the classroom rules before posting. All students must list their name, year, house and external sources when when submitting any DADA homework. Describe what a Dementor looks like. (3) What kind of habitat do these creatures live in? (2) Name one place you might find Dementors. (1) How does a person recover from a Dementor attack? (2) What is the only spell effective against Dementors? (1) Why can Animagi go undetected by the creatures? (2) What is the creature’s Ministry classification? (2) What is a Dementor’s kiss, and what does it do? (2) Essay Question: in no less than 100 words, describe what you might experience during a Dementor attack. Include any memories you may experience, if any at all (please explain why, if you don’t have a memory you may experience). (5) Bonus points (up to 3) will be awarded exceptional answers.