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Site Staff

Lilliana Devane
Position: Headmistress
Site Duties: Site Administration, Graphic Design
Age: 38 (August 18th)
Location: United States
Email: miss.devane@hotmail.com

About Me: Growing up in Avignon, France - I was home schooled up until I was moved to London at ten. It was a year later that I was accepted to Hogwarts. There I met Gregory who I clung to through my schooling. We were both made Head Boy and Head Girl in which case, I was always dragging him into shenanigans and still do to this day. After Hogwarts the both of us were separated while I attended a University and he went off to do Merlin knows what. I then returned to Hogwarts as a Professor where I met and fell in love with Elizabeth McLaggan.

We were soon married and ended up having Mr. James as our donor so that we could have children. They now attend school. I went into teaching Runes for many years, however I briefly taught Herbology before returning to my original position. After being a Head of House for a few years, I was recently made Headmistress where I spend much of my free time making Gregory’s life as awkward as I possibly can.

Ashton Mcalister
Position: Deputy Headmaster, Head of Ravenclaw, Foods Professor
Site Duties: Site Administration. Graphic Design
Age: 31
Location: United States
Email: mbaublit90@gmail.com

About Me:Born and raised in a town not far from Belfast, Ireland, I was always a bit of a headache for my parents since I was always too curious for my own good, constantly getting into trouble for going places I shouldn't, or known to tear things apart to figure out how they work. Due to that, it didn't come as much of a surprise that I was sorted into Ravenclaw as a kid. In school I was actually quite the student and excelled in classes like Defense Against the Dark Arts, Transfiguration, and Charms.

After graduating Hogwarts I quickly went into training to become an Auror and was in that line of work for a few years before eventually being offered the chance to be a Hit Wizard for the Ministry. Though the job paid well and I was great at it, it was still extremely dangerous. In the end, I decided to retire from that job and pursue a teaching career after my family had been put at risk by me being a Hit Wizard. It wasn't easy, but eventually I was able to get a teaching job at Hogwarts before eventually being made the Head of Ravenclaw and Deputy Headmaster.

Gregory James
Position: Head of Hufflepuff, Defense Against the Dark Arts
Site Duties: Site Administration, Graphic Design
Age: 38
Location: Wales
Email: N/A

About Me: Remember when life used to be simple? No? Well, neither do I. Born in Wales to a wizard father and Muggle mother, I got to experience both worlds growing up. I always had an insatiable appetite for knowledge, that need to know how and why everything works. At school I was a model student; excellent grades, Quidditch player, prefect and eventually Head Boy with the insatiably mischievous Lilliana Devane as Head Girl making life ‘interesting’. Over the years I became the perfect example of why it’s the quiet ones you need to watch out for. An exemplary record lead to gaining access to all sorts of hidden knowledge including the Dark Arts. If it wasn’t for Lilliana’s shenanigans and constant pestering I might have put that knowledge to different use.

After Hogwarts I got into teaching and, after the death of a close friend, moved onto researching obscure magics and eventually became what I promised I never would; a Dark Wizard. I am the donor for Miss Devane’s children, and when I returned to Hogwarts to I came to enjoy being a father. Even to the sassy one. After teaching History of Magic then Defence Against the Dark Arts I eventually became Head of Hufflepuff. And you know how the Headmistress still has a backside? It’s because even after all these years I keep saving it. That’s how.

Janessa Rivera
Position: Head of Slytherin, Potions' Master
Age: 29 (July 16th)
Location: United States
Email: N/A

About Me: Growing up not too far from Aberdeen, Scotland, I was raised by a muggle-born mother and father who's a squib. Being the youngest of four kids meant that not only was I treated like the "baby" of the family, but I was teased by my other siblings relentlessly and lived in their shadow for most of my school career; something that helped drive me to make a name for myself and create my own success. Hard work and perseverance paid off as in the end I graduated with some of the top grades before going off and making a living as homeschooling teacher and eventually being hired as a professor at Hogwarts.

Damien Blackwood
Position: Head of Gryffindor, History of Magic Professor
Age: 29
Location: United Kingdom
Email: mcblackwood.forever@gmail.com

About Me: I was born and raised in New York but ended up transferring to Hogwarts later on. My parents never did seem to like me and so I ended up staying with an old woman for a time who took me in and kept me out of trouble. Because I had to struggle growing up I tend to be a bit rough around the edges but I suppose my wife would describe me as a grumpy teddy bear - that is if you catch her on a good day where she isn’t complaining about my endeavors. At least I keep her happy with the cheesecake I sell at my Restaurant in London.

I was an Auror for a time until I discovered that my boss was actually my dad. Things got awkward, I got offered a job at Hogwarts, and Abigail became pregnant. My oldest kiddo is attending school though she’s a mix of Abigail and myself - independent as all hell, stubborn as a rock and witty with the comebacks. Well if I’m being honest here, that about sums up myself and my wife in general. Anyway, I was offered the position of Head of Gryffindor and I took the promotion in order to support my newest child that has yet to be born. However, I still don’t understand how they decided that I, Damien Blackwood, would be a relatively good role model for students let alone be the Head of their House.

Sebastian Winstra
Position: Herbology Professor
Age: N/A
Location: N/A
Email: N/A

About Me: N/A

Elissa Galivare
Position: Head of Quidditch
Age: N/A
Location: N/A
Email: N/A

About Me: N/A

Cassie Sullivan
Position: Charms Professor
Age: N/A
Location: N/A
Email: N/A

About Me: N/A

Arkadia Blumberg
Position: Wizard Hacks Professor
Age: 26
Location: United States
Email: thoreauback@hotmail.com

About Me: Yes, I am a totally normal... human... uh female—woman person— professor. I have come to teach at Hogwarts for completely normal reasons. Because... teaching! Yes, teaching is a passion of mine. I love all... the uh... quills, and desks, and homework. And apples. What teacher doesn't love a good apple? I know I do. Oh, the kids too. I just live for the kids. They're so... uh, they're so... many of them. So yes, totally normal professor doing normal professor-like things. No further questions please.

Isaac Emory
Position: Hogwarts Governor, Head Programmer
Age: 21 (November 17)
Location: United Kingdom
Email: daniel.cameron@hotmail.co.uk

About Me: I was born in the northeast of England to a Muggle mother and magical father. To keep things comfortable we lived a very Muggle-oriented life, and magic was seldom used for even simple tasks like cleaning. I was aware of the existence of a magical world as I grew up, but raised to comfortably fit into Muggle life - so Hogwarts was a little bit of a culture shock. I think I've fit in well, but things like Quidditch are still a bit of a mystery to me - you'll rarely see me on a broom.

I've never exactly been social, even when I took the job as Hufflepuff Prefect. However, I love helping people, which is probably what led me into teaching. I spend a lot of time enjoying Muggle entertainment; if I'm ever missing I'm probably off watching television or something. Of course Potions was always an interesting subject and that's still carried through to today. I'm also partial to the odd drink or three - after work only, of course.

Breckin Gilchrist
Position: Hogwarts Governor
Age: 31
Location: Ireland
Email: my.perplexed.nature@hotmail.co.uk

About Me: Former Slytherin Prefect, Care of Magical Creatures Professor and Slytherin Head of House. A renown gentleman that possesses a silver tongue. I am a widower; my husband, William Colt, was murdered in cold blood for reasons unknown.

Silvanus Bevan
Position: Apothecary
Site Duties: Site Administration
Age: 40
Location: New Zealand
Email: silvanus.bevan@gmail.com

About Me: Formerly Deputy Headmaster and then Headmaster of Hogwarts, I was known to be a bit of tyrannical bastard during my stint. Being unjustly arrested and imprisoned in Azkaban did not help with my problems and only served to turn me into a borderline alcoholic. This was a problem I carried with me right up until a few years ago, when it caused the break up of my marriage.

Marriage over and alcohol problems sorted, I took a job in the Ministry working for my old school friend, Esmond Summers as his Deputy. I now currently split my time between the Ministry and my family store in Knockturn Alley.

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