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Halloween Ball
Posted by Gregory James on 10/18 14:15:43 (0 Comments)

Double, double, toil and trouble. Fire burn and cauldron bubble… It may sound like we’re introducing another potions class but don't be fooled by our rambling; it's time to get out your most ghoulish gladrags and hit the Halloween Ball in style!

We know you’re all more than just a scary face, so we have plenty of things to keep you entertained during the spooky season. If the ball doesn’t tickle your pickle, why not try your hand at pumpkin carving, the spooktacular costume contest, or even a good old round of bobbing for apples among the games.

To make sure everyone has plenty of time to enjoy the ball, we've decided to open it a littler earlier and give you until November 1st to get in touch with your inner monsters. Enjoy!

September Role-Play of the Month
Posted by Lilliana Devane on 10/15 5:05:58 (7 Comments)

After the derailment of the Hogwarts Express, Claudia Visby is at St. Mungo’s hospital. She’s asleep when Dorian Faulkner visits her. The Hufflepuff clearly doesn’t feel comfortable, not just because he hates hospitals. There seem to be more unspoken things between the two Hogwarts students. The moment Claudia wakes up, she is surprised to see him as they didn’t have any contact in months. Does he care for her after all? What about the rumors that surround the Hufflepuff? Find out the answers in September’s RPotM, The Woman. a well-written, emotional role-play.

Romance seems to be in the air at Hogwarts – just maybe not for this pair! What starts off as Michael Halsey turning in a challenge from Charlotte Baker lands the guy in what could soon turn out to be more trouble than he can handle. After his life stops flashing before his eyes things seem to be going Mikey’s way, at least until his infamous mouth runs away with itself. Find out what happens by reading this month’s first runner up, Mission Accomplished.

Taking the second runner up spot is a trip down memory lane from Matt GreenSpark and Meghan Frisk in Past Interests. After escaping the riot, the pair must find a way to treat Meg’s injury and flee Hogwarts’ grounds before they’re discovered. If avoiding capture by the professors isn’t enough, it seems as though Matt has a few pursuers of his own to deal with. Who are these mysterious figures, and will the rebel duo make it out without being caught? Make sure to read it yourself to find out what happens!

Special Power Apps!
Posted by Lilliana Devane on 10/11 17:54:31 (0 Comments)

Hey everyone! It’s that time again. It’s very rare that we open up the Special Powers application but here we are and you all should be very excited as we’ve updated information in the SP Guide to help you all out when applying (if you so choose). Please note that you can only apply once so that means you’ll really want to think about your application before you send it. Staff are going to be very picky when observing and choosing the final powers. Please be aware that since there are already so many Animagi on site, there are only two slots currently open. The other special powers don't currently have caps. If you wish to apply then click here. You have until the end of November on the 31st at Midnight Eastern Time (LA Time). Good luck to all those who apply!

August Roleplay of The Month
Posted by Lana Van Sarkin on 9/14 12:26:39 (5 Comments)

This month’s decision has been tough as there have been mayn outstanding RPs. We wish we could mention all of them but as rules have it, we had to choose the top three and here they are:

In August’s RPotM, two of our Quidditch Captains are breaking stereotypes by just getting along. But that's not the only thing they're breaking being in the Forbidden Forest after dark in a Quidditch practice. When Sebastian Rosenthorn and Nash Jennings make a bet on the flying that's happening overhead, things start getting romantic. Only, the mood doesn't last long when Ashton McAlister finds the two out after dark. Find out what happens to the two rule breakers in Trouble is Brewing.

Enemies, a small catastrophe, drama, heroes - our first runner up has it all!
The Hogwarts Express derails. You're in a boxcar with someone you don't get along with, to say it nicely. As you lay there counting your injuries, you're probably expecting to be left there- but not if you're Nathan Jayne and your enemy is Arabella Caverly. Be sure to check out this incredible RP, Wrecked, to find out how these two manage to dig themselves out of the mess they find themselves in!

August’s second runner up is Come Hell Or High Water where our newly appointed Muggle Studies and Muggle Defense Professor Damien Blackwood visits his wife Abigail in the hospital. Called because of ‘suspicious activity’ at Ollivander’s auror Abigail Blackwood was hurt during the explosion and is now at St. Mungo’s to recover. Her worried husband tries not only to comfort her but also to convince Abigail to give up her job and to come to Hogwarts with him as his Teaching Assistant. Of course, we are not going to tell you the outcome of this emotional, considerate and very well-written RP. Make sure to check it out yourself and find out about the surprise at the end!

Congratulations to all of you, you’ve done a great job!
And for those of you who have not been mentioned: Don’t give up! It was really close this month and I’m sure your RPs are up next!

Temporary Chat Room
Posted by Ashton Mcalister on 9/13 19:27:36 (1 Comments)

Unfortunately the LA Chatroom has been down for quite some time and a lot of people have been asking when it's going to be back up, but right now it's being worked and we're just not sure when it's going to be back up and running. Since so many people seem interested in having some sort of chat room, we have a temporary chat room set up for you to use. Once you click on the link, all you should need to do is put your character name into the box that pops up and click enter and it should let you in the room. If for any reason we find that people are abusing the chat and breaking rules or anything like that, we WILL shut the chat room down. For now, we hope everyone can enjoy this and at least have somewhere to go to chat with other members.

Wand World of Pwnage
Posted by Ashton Mcalister on 9/5 18:28:24 (6 Comments)

Here on LA we’re always striving to add more original content that helps make the site unique and different from others. It’s for this reason that we have decided to retire Ollivander’s (considering it’s 2016 and he probably wouldn’t be around anymore) and instead, placed a new wand shop that’s canon to LA and run by none other than Bertram Knowles! Since this is a new shop, you’ll be able to visit it in Diagon Alley and choose to either keep the wand you got at Ollivander’s or to try for a new and improved wand. To make the process more interactive and personalized, we’ve added in a short quiz where you’ll answer a few questions in character and get a wand based off of your answers. On top of this, we went in and re-drew all the wands and added even more wand wood and core options which means that your wand will be even more personalized. Bertram’s shop is opened now, so feel free to check it out whenever you get the chance!

The ToS Update
Posted by Lilliana Devane on 9/1 18:06:04 (8 Comments)

Now, all of you will have received a notification that the Terms of Service has changed. Nothing major has been done, in fact, we’re loosening up a bit on you guys as well as instilling a rule that was never actually put in the Terms. Numero Uno: You are now allowed to say the f-bomb, or as I like to call it, fuck - but in moderation just like with the rest of the curse words we allowed before. The second thing that we have updated is the fact that all members will be expected to write in third person. This was a rule we’ve had for a while but never actually got around to putting into our ToS. Hopefully this explains things a little clearer as the changes are minor are probably hardly noticeable.

Professor Applications
Posted by Lilliana Devane on 9/1 5:43:43 (0 Comments)

Hey everyone! So we're going to be doing things a bit differently than we were before. Professor apps are now going to be open throughout term for those of you who wish to apply. That means everyone will have three months to write up their application and send it in. The new application can be found on the side bar under academics.

Staff will use that three months to review all applicants and at the end of term we will select new professors. Please be aware that you must have been a member for at least a term to apply for professorship. You must also be willing to fulfill all duties that come with it. Being a professor isn't just about posting lessons; we have actual work that we do to make sure the site runs smoothly. With that in mind, we wish you all the best of luck and can't wait until we see who will be joining our team!

Term 24 Has Started!
Posted by Ashton Mcalister on 9/1 0:06:03 (0 Comments)

Wow, it was one eventful term break, but now it's over and time to get back into the new term! After the odd events that happened in the common rooms and the great hall riot last term along with the fact that the beloved Hogwarts Express was derailed while taking students back home, could it all be connected? Only time will tell. Until then, have fun and make sure you get out there and earn your house some points because the race for the house cup starts now!

LA Award Winners!
Posted by Ashton Mcalister on 8/28 17:41:51 (11 Comments)

You all have been voting like crazy, but it's finally time to announce your term 23 LA winners!

Mr. LA – Levi Whitacre
Miss LA – Rachel Owens
Most Spirited – Cassie Sullivan
Most Improved – Cassie Sullivan
Best Rper – Cecily Faulkner
Best Newcomer – Faine Denton
Most Helpful – Bertram Knowles
Most Infamous – Sebastian Rosenthorn
Most Popular: Shadrak Walls

Congratulations to all the winners and everyone that was nominated and thank you to everyone who voted! We can't wait to see what the next term will bring.

New Ravenclaw Prefect Chosen
Posted by Lana Van Sarkin on 8/20 11:36:35 (5 Comments)

We have reviewed all apps received and are happy to announce that we found a new Prefect for Ravenclaw.

Please join me in welcoming Ms. Cassie Sullivan to the student staff and the Ravenclaw house staff! We're happy to have you on the team and can't wait to work with you.

Two New Forums!
Posted by Lilliana Devane on 8/19 23:10:07 (0 Comments)

Hey Everyone!

So staff have been working hard on trying to accomodate everyone and we've had several ideas for updating the website. I'm sure you've seen quite a few already and as I've probably mentioned quite a bit: there will be more to come!

For now though you have two new forums to role-play in which can be found linked in London and Knockturn Alley. Eventually, when we finish with things, The Regent in London will sell food but for now role-play in there as you wish! Somnia, the nightclub in Knockturn is all ready to go and you can purchase things to your heart's content; though stay tuned as we may add more things to the shop soon!

We are so excited to release both of these forums and new stores and can't wait for all of you to see what else we have planned for Lumos! ♥

Facebook, Twitter and More!
Posted by Lilliana Devane on 8/19 15:06:43 (1 Comments)

So some of you who are already in the Facebook group may have noticed that we've updated the cover photo as well as the description. For those of you who are not in the Facebook group but wish to be, please owl either myself or Ashton.

We've also made a new twitter for Lumos Alliance so make sure to follow us on there! Things are still a work in progress but you will see quite a few changes over the next couple of weeks (and not just over social media).

And once again, we also have a Tumblr page that you can follow here!

Ravenclaw Prefect Apps
Posted by Lana Van Sarkin on 8/15 13:58:37 (0 Comments)

Attention all students:

Ravenclaw is currently searching for dedicated members to be a part of our House Staff. We are looking for people that are willing to put in enough time into Ravenclaw and Lumos Alliance as a whole to get things done. You should be friendly (at least OOC), willing to work with others, and you should have a drive to help make this site better. New ideas are more than welcome! We don't care which house you are currently in or how long you have been on the site. This application is open to all houses and all years.

To give you a general idea of what prefects do around these parts please refer to the list below:

- Greet new members and help them around the site.
- Assist staff and student staff members from your own as well as other houses in assigned projects (site wide events, site wide plot, etc.).
- Monitor forums for any rule-breaking and attend to it properly.
- Get involved in House Projects.
- Be proactive! If something looks like it needs to be done, get it done or ask a staff member if you're unsure about what to do.

If you feel you meet these qualifications and you’re motivated to work with us, please send me, Lana Van Sarkin an owl with the following application:



Why do you want to be a Prefect?
How active can you be on the site?
What kind of ideas or activities would you like to do to help with activity?

Please be as detailed as possible in your application. This application can also account for anyone wanting to be a junior prefect as well.

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