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The Valentine's Day Ball is open!
Posted by Gregory James on 2/14 14:04:38 (4 Comments)

We are very excited to announce that the Valentine's Day Ball is now open! It’s been a lot of fun for everyone who took part in putting everything together to make it happen and we hope you all enjoy taking part.

The ball will end on March 7th at 11:59 pm LA time and there are plenty of activities and games to play along the with main event. What are you waiting for? Head on over to the Ballroom and have fun!

January Roleplay of the Month
Posted by Janessa Rivera on 2/12 17:37:53 (1 Comments)

In January's winner, There's a Good Reason, we find Deputy Mcalister storming into counselor Clifford's and confronting him about his decision to take off with the rebels last term. Despite Louis explaining his actions, Ashton seems to be filled with snarky comments until the counselor makes a bold move and things start to heat up... that is until a certain Hufflepuff Prefect shows up. Make sure to give this thread a read to see what happens next!

Just when you think it’s safe to snog under the mistletoe! In Teenage Dream, our first runner up, we find Hufflepuff bad boy Lukas McKinley taking a chance when his housemate doesn’t realise he’s standing under the festive plant. Vincent Devane gives back as good as he gets until his dad spots the pair and decides romance isn’t on the table for his son - not now, or ever! Find out what happens by reading this dramatic thread for yourself!

In January’s second runner up, two mischievous students meet and it’s apparent that they both have a penchant for pranking. Hunter, the newest Gryffindor Junior Prefect sits amicably across from Ravenclaw’s Prefect Medusa Liowski - or better known as Tess. As they converse and nibble on snacks it’s clear to see they’re likely to brew up some trouble, but just what kind of trouble will they get into? You’ll have to read The Night is Young to find out just what they’re concocting.

Kissing Booths
Posted by Lilliana Devane on 2/4 15:19:11 (0 Comments)

We are once again bringing the annual kissing booths back, however, we do so with a twist. This year, anyone can volunteer. We, of course, can't take everyone but if you wish to take part then please owl me so that I may add you to the list. What we will need is various ages so that everyone may take part in this event so don't be nervous if your character is younger than the others! As a side note, you also are not required to RP with those who reply to your booth unless you wish to do so.

Please make sure to owl me before the 14th if you wish to take part. Thanks guys!

The Points Are In!
Posted by Ashton Mcalister on 1/30 16:40:51 (1 Comments)

Now that the staff has finally gotten through reading all the threads at the Winter Ball and graded them, the results are finally in and the points are as follows:

Hufflepuff: 472
Gryffindor: 341
Ravenclaw: 259
Slytherin: 240

Top 5 point earners:

Levi Whitacre: 182
Cecily Faulkner: 122
Nikolas Eldridge 94
Elena Baldwin: 93
Oliver Scott 86

Congratulations to Hufflepuff and everyone who earned points for their house!

And the winners are...
Posted by Lilliana Devane on 1/26 1:43:43 (4 Comments)

Alright folks! That is the end of our annual winter ball. With this in mind, we would like to say a big thank you to all who participated and made this such a memorable event for us all. Now in the beginning we said that there would be house points awarded for all role-plays and that we would be taking votes for awards. For now the ball will be closed down while staff grades your role-plays but in the meantime we’d like for you guys to give a round of applause to our winners!

Snow King: Michael Halsey
Snow Queen: Hunter Whitmore
Best Dressed: Adelina Moreau
Cutest Couple: Oliver Scott & Cecily Faulkner
Best Role-Player: Levi Whitacre
Best Thread: It’s Pure Lunacy
Festival Scrooge: Dustin McNamara

Congratulations! You all will be receiving special prizes for these awards and everyone else who took part in the event will be getting their own prize as well!

Hogwarts' Staff Would Like to Present.....
Posted by Lilliana Devane on 1/22 22:28:54 (7 Comments)

Lords and lads alike, ladies and lasses; a special announcement for all!

Hogwarts has hired on three new professors and we are proud to present them to you respectably as such:

Teaching Charms is your former and beloved Ravenclaw Prefect, Cassie Sullivan! She has done an excellent job here at Hogwarts as a student and we expect her to do great things as a Professor! With such a bubbly personality and a way of going about her business, she’s sure to make Charms Class extraordinary!

Some of you may recognize this Hufflepuff, but if you don’t she’s absolutely brilliant! Janessa Rivera will be your new Potions’ Master and with the experience she has we think it’s safe to say that you guys will be quite impressed and perhaps even a bit dazed and dazzled. Befuddlement Draught won’t be necessary here - or well, it will because you guys have to learn about that at some point.

Last but certainly not least, we give you Arkadia Blumberg! While we’re not too sure about where she comes from or who she is, this woman of mystery is introducing something entirely new to you all! Wizard Hacks 101! Interested in knowing more about this class? Well, so are we! It’s sure to be an interesting endeavor for us all.

With that being said, congrats to all of you on your new positions and we absolutely cannot wait to see just what the future holds in store for you!

Winter Ball Award Nominations
Posted by Gregory James on 1/22 18:29:46 (0 Comments)

With the Winter Ball drawing to a close on January 25th at 11:59pm, everyone still has three days to cast their votes for the Awards. Check out the list of awards and owl your nominations to Gregory James before the ball closes for your votes to count!

December Roleplay of the Month!
Posted by Ashton Mcalister on 1/14 17:37:00 (5 Comments)

Romance, emotional moments, action, and a small dash of humor. This month’s winner, An Elysium Borrowed, seems to have it all. We find that Levi Whitacre and Nikolas Eldridge seem to be finally confronting each other about how they feel towards the other when Sebastian and Nash seemingly ruin the moment as they’re trying to not only get away from the burning pitch, but to also get medical help for Sebastian’s werewolf bite thanks to Nash himself. But with the sudden unexpected appearance of a certain someone, what will happen? Make sure to read and find out!

Prepare yourself for a heart wrenching tale of mystery, murder and intrigue. Riordan Wildes overhears a name that shouldn’t exist, so instead of going about enquiring in the usual way by asking Nicholas Grant his history he drags the guy off and forces Veritaserum down his neck. After making the boy answer his questions the Apothecary gets a few answers that turn out to be more than he bargained for. Find out what happens in Dirty Little Secrets, our first runner up!

After waking up from a heavy blow, the Headmistress is on a rampage to get to the towers. The shady Head of Hufflepuff closely follows behind and they banter as usual but it soon dies down as they both see a familiar face; one they aren’t too happy with. Matt GreenSpark, one of the leaders to the band of rogue students. Action and comedy quickly ensue in this month’s second runner up, In the Salvage.

The Winter Ball is Now Open!
Posted by Lilliana Devane on 1/4 22:38:22 (0 Comments)

We are proud to announce the Winter Ball is now open! It has been a great pleasure on everyone’s part to make this happen and we know just how excited you all have been so, without further ado, please find your way to the Ballroom and make sure to enjoy yourselves.

The event will end on January 25th at 11:59 PM; LA time. Be sure to attend while you can! There are plenty of games and prizes to be won, not to mention a new holiday vendor will be coming to our lovely school shortly with many goodies for all you grinches.

Term 25 Begins!
Posted by Lilliana Devane on 1/1 15:33:56 (2 Comments)

Despite all the bloodshed and war we saw at the end of last term Hogwarts is open for yet another term! Welcome back students. You may notice we are low on classes this term, fear not! The Hogwarts staff are looking to replace professors lost and we have applications open for those of you who are interested.

We would like to welcome all new students and assure you that for now things have settled down and we are finally at peace once more. Parents can feel safe sending their children to the school as we have done serious renovations to the castle over term and all destroyed parts of the castle have either been fixed or replaced. To those of you who are returning and took part in the battle, we would like to thank each and every one of you for your part in this and will be awarding badges.

Hopefully this new term will be quite different than what you all are used to as we will be introducing a few things. On top of that, our Winter Ball will be starting soon so be on the lookout for that and make sure you’ve messaged your partner and paid house ghosts.

Let’s not forget that Hogwarts now has a new Professor that many of you may not have seen for a while, Professor Sebastian Winstra! He will be your new Herbology Teacher and we are certainly excited to see just what he has in store for you all. Congratulations on your position, Mr. Winstra!

LA Award Winners!
Posted by Gregory James on 12/31 21:12:48 (7 Comments)

After tallying all of your votes, it’s time to announce the winners for the Term 24 LA Awards!

Mr. LA: Gregory James
Mrs. LA: Lilliana Devane
Most Spirited: Meghan Frisk
Best RPer: Sebastian Rosenthorn
Most Improved RPer: Nathan Jayne
Best Newcomer: Medusa Liowski
Most Helpful: Ashton McAlister
Most Infamous: Nikolas Eldridge
Most Popular: Lilliana Devane

Congratulations to all of the nominees and winners, and a huge thank you to everyone who voted. We can’t wait to see what next term brings!

Auctions are Closed
Posted by Lilliana Devane on 12/24 21:26:26 (0 Comments)

Thank you all for participating in our auctions this year. To those of you who've won please make sure to send your payment to respective house ghosts before January 5th. We are all very excited to see just what will come of this!

November Role-Play of the Month
Posted by Damien Blackwood on 12/14 20:13:35 (7 Comments)

In November's winner, Feed a Cold; Starve a Fever, we find that Elizabeth McLaggan has finally been released from Azkaban after being found innocent of the crime she was originally admitted for, however, her arrival back at Hogwarts is anything but pleasant as she gets into a heated argument with her wife, Lilliana Devane, and things go even further downhill from there. How will this story play out? Make sure you read to find out!

Let them eat cake – or wear it if that’s what takes their fancy! What starts off with Rosalind Scott searching for a snack to satisfy her sweet tooth soon turns into an evening of mischief and confessions when Nick Grant helps her find it. However, confectionary isn’t all they find! After trying the cake – in more ways than one – the pair end up locking lips in the middle of the kitchens. Find out what happens for yourself by reading Lost In reality, this month’s first runner up.

For our second runner up, the title doesn’t quite do the content justice. Yes, the speckled band happening to belong to the newest Ravenclaw Prefect, Oliver Scott, is brought into question by the ever brilliant Cecily Faulkner. In fact, most of his tattoos are, but that doesn’t seem to be the focus and it makes us wonder - is she sizing him up as a snack or is there something else behind her alluring dark glare? Oliver certainly tells all and speaks his mind leaving us with the tantalizing notion that Miss Faulkner’s notorious icy cold heart could someday be warmed - as long as he can keep up with her undying wit.

Yule Ball Auctions!
Posted by Ashton Mcalister on 12/10 18:10:15 (0 Comments)

As per tradition, the yule ball auctions are back once again, so make sure you head over to the auctions and start bidding! All auctions close December 23rd at 11:50 pm LA time.

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