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And the cup goes to...
Posted by Ashton Mcalister on 12/2 13:21:18 (6 Comments)

It was a close race towards the end, but congratulations to Hufflepuff who came out on top with 1812 points! Great work to everyone across the site who worked hard this term to help their house and we hope you enjoy the break because you deserve it. In the meantime, Year up applications are now open as well as professor applications which can be found in the sidebar. Without further ado, here are you term 24 award winners!

Ancient Runes - Dustin McNamara
Astronomy - Cassie Sullivan
Care of Magical Creatures - Nathan Jayne
Charms - Xiomara Higgins
Defense Against the Dark Arts - Sophia Sherrell
Muggle Defense - Charlotte Baker
Muggle Studies - Vincent Devane
Potions - Sebastian Rosenthorn
Transfiguration - Cassie Sullivan

Top 10 bonus point earners:

Dustin McNamara 58
Cassie Sullivan 51
Sophia Sherrell 46
Xiomara Higgins 45
Charlotte Baker 36
Giovanni DiPietro 26
Medusa Liowski 24
Nechtan Sasaki 21
Rachel Owens 19
Lydia Thorson 18

Once again, congratulations to all the winners and we’ll see you on January 1st for the new term!

Posted by Ashton Mcalister on 11/30 3:05:37 (1 Comments)

Here recently we've caught multiple people cheating on homework and would like to remind everyone that cheating on homework is agasint the site rules and always has been. Anyone caught cheating will not only lose every point on any homework they turned in where cheating has been caught, but will also be put into detention and made to write lines. Don't cheat on the homework, plain and simple.

The Votes Are In...
Posted by Lilliana Devane on 11/27 16:21:53 (6 Comments)

You all voted and we have tallied everything up. We would like to congratulate, once more, everyone that took part in the Halloween Ball but also the ones who left a striking impression on us all.

Most Beautiful: Faine Denton
Scariest: Lilliana Devane
Funniest: Gregory James
Most Original: Xiomara Higgins
Best Role-Play: Pumpkins Scream..
Creepiest Couple: Michael Halsey & Charlotte Baker

And as an added bonus, each of you who have won an award has also been given a lovely signature! Feel free to do what you wish with it. These signatures will be posted for you all in the Great Hall shortly.

Prepare for History
Posted by Lilliana Devane on 11/20 21:28:24 (2 Comments)

It’s the pivotal moment that everyone has been waiting for. Spreading across the castle is an outburst of fighting. Each and every student must make their own choice. The Rogue band of students have returned just as the hooded figures make their way into the castle to fight for what they stand for. We’ve all been waiting to know just what is going on and now the time has come but it will take fighting tooth and nail to get to the bottom of it, or in this case, the top. At the highest point of the castle you will find everything you need to know: Make your way to the Astronomy Tower?

Please make sure that you read through each post we have given you. There is quite a bit for you all to take part in and don’t forget that by doing so gives your character a history that they won’t be able to find elsewhere through plotting on site. Be a part of the motion; Choose your side!

Something Old; Something New.
Posted by Lilliana Devane on 11/18 3:00:31 (0 Comments)

Behold! The staff have added a new special power that many of you may find interesting; the Kitsune. After careful consideration, we have combed through many different lore to bring you our very own canon version. Please make sure you read the guide found in character development so you have a sense of what this amazing ability is, and how it will be utilized on the site. While there are things on there that are very different from regular lore, this is to make sure that the ability is as balanced out as the others.

Please, check it out and don’t forget that we still have applications open at the moment for Special Powers! You can apply here. Good luck to those who do and thank you to all who have taken the time to read through this new ability. We sincerely hope that you all are as excited about it as we are.

October Role-Play of the Month
Posted by Gregory James on 11/14 17:02:00 (8 Comments)

This month we have a spectacular assortment of role-plays with a spooky theme for you to sink your fangs into:

It must be tiring to spend so much time saving the same guy from his own awkwardness over and over, but that’s exactly what Hailee Levitt does when she discovers Viktor Devane unconscious and gets him to safety. Thinking her tattoos are the reason the guy is afraid of her, Levitt removes them for the evening and dresses to impress. Little does she realise that the concussed boy is terrified of everything – particularly girls. Can the tough girl finally get through to him? Will Viktor find some courage? Find out in October’s RPoTM, Camisado.

Taking the first runner up spot is an awkward tale of young romance and misunderstanding from Cassie Sullivan and Nathan Jayne in Time and Time Ago. Two former childhood sweethearts meet again for the first time and plenty of embarrassment follows. Since they last met, Cassie is all grown up and apparently Nathan has a Faine – whatever that means. Make sure to read it for yourself to find out what happens!

Well, if that guy ‘has a Faine’ – um, girlfriend – what is she doing flirting with one of the Scott twins at the ball? When Faine Denton decides to make a fashionably late entrance with a barely-there costume she catches the eye of Oliver Scott and the pair seem to hit it off right away with a cheeky exchange. It’s up to you to decide who is the biggest shameless flirt in this month’s second runner up, Dressed to Distress.

Posted by Lilliana Devane on 11/10 6:01:26 (3 Comments)

The results are in from the Role-Plays that were marked and they are as follows:

Hufflepuff: 385
Slytherin: 256
Gryffindor: 110
Ravenclaw: 85

All these points earned will now be added to your overall house points which will give each of your houses a boost in the running for the house cup. Congratulations to each and every one of you for working so hard. There were many brilliant reads and for those that aren't finished with their posts - we hope to see what happens next!

Thank you everyone for your participation!

Halloween Ball Awards!
Posted by Lilliana Devane on 11/9 21:11:40 (0 Comments)

The Halloween Ball went off without a hitch and we are so happy to see how many of you have attended and worked hard on your role-plays! In honor of this, staff has decided to host awards in which you can vote for!

Just click here and place your votes! You have from now until November 23rd at 12pm EST. In the meantime, we have closed down the forum and will be taking a quick look through to mark all posts made. They will be marked out of twenty points and the points you've earned from your posts will go towards your House. Once we are done marking, points earned for each house will be announced and the forum will be opened once more so you can finish your posts.

Again we are so happy in how many of you took part and we hope that our next ball will be just as good if not better! Thank you!

Slytherin Prefect Applications
Posted by Elizabeth McLaggan on 11/1 22:49:35 (0 Comments)

Gather round, ladies and gentlemen, for Slytherin is looking for a new Prefect and you could be the perfect candidate! Are you an active member of the site? Do you want to help run things around here? Then Slytherin is the place for you; after all, we are the most ambitious and the most likely to succeed. Simply fill out the form below and owl it to Elizabeth McLaggan or Sebastian Rosenthorn by November 14th 2016. Good luck!

-Current House:
-Date you joined LA:
-Average Activity Levels on a Scale of 1-10 (be honest; I don't care if you're only a 5 if you're honest about it):
-Link to your most recent Role Play:
-How much homework have you submitted so far this term?
How would you suggest we boost activity|homework submissions|roleplaying? (Choose one, or answer them all if you want)
Are you on your house Quidditch team?
Why should we choose you?

Halloween Ball Extended
Posted by Gregory James on 10/27 15:15:11 (0 Comments)

Hey everyone! The Halloween Ball has now been extended to November 7th, giving everyone an extra week to get in on the spooktacular action. Enjoy!

Halloween Ball
Posted by Gregory James on 10/18 14:15:43 (0 Comments)

Double, double, toil and trouble. Fire burn and cauldron bubble… It may sound like we’re introducing another potions class but don't be fooled by our rambling; it's time to get out your most ghoulish gladrags and hit the Halloween Ball in style!

We know you’re all more than just a scary face, so we have plenty of things to keep you entertained during the spooky season. If the ball doesn’t tickle your pickle, why not try your hand at pumpkin carving, the spooktacular costume contest, or even a good old round of bobbing for apples among the games.

To make sure everyone has plenty of time to enjoy the ball, we've decided to open it a littler earlier and give you until November 1st to get in touch with your inner monsters. Enjoy!

September Role-Play of the Month
Posted by Lilliana Devane on 10/15 5:05:58 (7 Comments)

After the derailment of the Hogwarts Express, Claudia Visby is at St. Mungo’s hospital. She’s asleep when Dorian Faulkner visits her. The Hufflepuff clearly doesn’t feel comfortable, not just because he hates hospitals. There seem to be more unspoken things between the two Hogwarts students. The moment Claudia wakes up, she is surprised to see him as they didn’t have any contact in months. Does he care for her after all? What about the rumors that surround the Hufflepuff? Find out the answers in September’s RPotM, The Woman. a well-written, emotional role-play.

Romance seems to be in the air at Hogwarts – just maybe not for this pair! What starts off as Michael Halsey turning in a challenge from Charlotte Baker lands the guy in what could soon turn out to be more trouble than he can handle. After his life stops flashing before his eyes things seem to be going Mikey’s way, at least until his infamous mouth runs away with itself. Find out what happens by reading this month’s first runner up, Mission Accomplished.

Taking the second runner up spot is a trip down memory lane from Matt GreenSpark and Meghan Frisk in Past Interests. After escaping the riot, the pair must find a way to treat Meg’s injury and flee Hogwarts’ grounds before they’re discovered. If avoiding capture by the professors isn’t enough, it seems as though Matt has a few pursuers of his own to deal with. Who are these mysterious figures, and will the rebel duo make it out without being caught? Make sure to read it yourself to find out what happens!

Special Power Apps!
Posted by Lilliana Devane on 10/11 17:54:31 (0 Comments)

Hey everyone! It’s that time again. It’s very rare that we open up the Special Powers application but here we are and you all should be very excited as we’ve updated information in the SP Guide to help you all out when applying (if you so choose). Please note that you can only apply once so that means you’ll really want to think about your application before you send it. Staff are going to be very picky when observing and choosing the final powers. Please be aware that since there are already so many Animagi on site, there are only two slots currently open. The other special powers don't currently have caps. If you wish to apply then click here. You have until the end of November on the 31st at Midnight Eastern Time (LA Time). Good luck to all those who apply!

August Roleplay of The Month
Posted by Lana Van Sarkin on 9/14 12:26:39 (5 Comments)

This month’s decision has been tough as there have been mayn outstanding RPs. We wish we could mention all of them but as rules have it, we had to choose the top three and here they are:

In August’s RPotM, two of our Quidditch Captains are breaking stereotypes by just getting along. But that's not the only thing they're breaking being in the Forbidden Forest after dark in a Quidditch practice. When Sebastian Rosenthorn and Nash Jennings make a bet on the flying that's happening overhead, things start getting romantic. Only, the mood doesn't last long when Ashton McAlister finds the two out after dark. Find out what happens to the two rule breakers in Trouble is Brewing.

Enemies, a small catastrophe, drama, heroes - our first runner up has it all!
The Hogwarts Express derails. You're in a boxcar with someone you don't get along with, to say it nicely. As you lay there counting your injuries, you're probably expecting to be left there- but not if you're Nathan Jayne and your enemy is Arabella Caverly. Be sure to check out this incredible RP, Wrecked, to find out how these two manage to dig themselves out of the mess they find themselves in!

August’s second runner up is Come Hell Or High Water where our newly appointed Muggle Studies and Muggle Defense Professor Damien Blackwood visits his wife Abigail in the hospital. Called because of ‘suspicious activity’ at Ollivander’s auror Abigail Blackwood was hurt during the explosion and is now at St. Mungo’s to recover. Her worried husband tries not only to comfort her but also to convince Abigail to give up her job and to come to Hogwarts with him as his Teaching Assistant. Of course, we are not going to tell you the outcome of this emotional, considerate and very well-written RP. Make sure to check it out yourself and find out about the surprise at the end!

Congratulations to all of you, you’ve done a great job!
And for those of you who have not been mentioned: Don’t give up! It was really close this month and I’m sure your RPs are up next!

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