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December Roleplay of the Month!
Posted by Ashton Mcalister on 1/14 17:37:00 (5 Comments)

Romance, emotional moments, action, and a small dash of humor. This month’s winner, An Elysium Borrowed, seems to have it all. We find that Levi Whitacre and Nikolas Eldridge seem to be finally confronting each other about how they feel towards the other when Sebastian and Nash seemingly ruin the moment as they’re trying to not only get away from the burning pitch, but to also get medical help for Sebastian’s werewolf bite thanks to Nash himself. But with the sudden unexpected appearance of a certain someone, what will happen? Make sure to read and find out!

Prepare yourself for a heart wrenching tale of mystery, murder and intrigue. Riordan Wildes overhears a name that shouldn’t exist, so instead of going about enquiring in the usual way by asking Nicholas Grant his history he drags the guy off and forces Veritaserum down his neck. After making the boy answer his questions the Apothecary gets a few answers that turn out to be more than he bargained for. Find out what happens in Dirty Little Secrets, our first runner up!

After waking up from a heavy blow, the Headmistress is on a rampage to get to the towers. The shady Head of Hufflepuff closely follows behind and they banter as usual but it soon dies down as they both see a familiar face; one they aren’t too happy with. Matt GreenSpark, one of the leaders to the band of rogue students. Action and comedy quickly ensue in this month’s second runner up, In the Salvage.

The Winter Ball is Now Open!
Posted by Lilliana Devane on 1/4 22:38:22 (0 Comments)

We are proud to announce the Winter Ball is now open! It has been a great pleasure on everyone’s part to make this happen and we know just how excited you all have been so, without further ado, please find your way to the Ballroom and make sure to enjoy yourselves.

The event will end on January 25th at 11:59 PM; LA time. Be sure to attend while you can! There are plenty of games and prizes to be won, not to mention a new holiday vendor will be coming to our lovely school shortly with many goodies for all you grinches.

Term 25 Begins!
Posted by Lilliana Devane on 1/1 15:33:56 (2 Comments)

Despite all the bloodshed and war we saw at the end of last term Hogwarts is open for yet another term! Welcome back students. You may notice we are low on classes this term, fear not! The Hogwarts staff are looking to replace professors lost and we have applications open for those of you who are interested.

We would like to welcome all new students and assure you that for now things have settled down and we are finally at peace once more. Parents can feel safe sending their children to the school as we have done serious renovations to the castle over term and all destroyed parts of the castle have either been fixed or replaced. To those of you who are returning and took part in the battle, we would like to thank each and every one of you for your part in this and will be awarding badges.

Hopefully this new term will be quite different than what you all are used to as we will be introducing a few things. On top of that, our Winter Ball will be starting soon so be on the lookout for that and make sure you’ve messaged your partner and paid house ghosts.

Let’s not forget that Hogwarts now has a new Professor that many of you may not have seen for a while, Professor Sebastian Winstra! He will be your new Herbology Teacher and we are certainly excited to see just what he has in store for you all. Congratulations on your position, Mr. Winstra!

LA Award Winners!
Posted by Gregory James on 12/31 21:12:48 (7 Comments)

After tallying all of your votes, it’s time to announce the winners for the Term 24 LA Awards!

Mr. LA: Gregory James
Mrs. LA: Lilliana Devane
Most Spirited: Meghan Frisk
Best RPer: Sebastian Rosenthorn
Most Improved RPer: Nathan Jayne
Best Newcomer: Medusa Liowski
Most Helpful: Ashton McAlister
Most Infamous: Nikolas Eldridge
Most Popular: Lilliana Devane

Congratulations to all of the nominees and winners, and a huge thank you to everyone who voted. We can’t wait to see what next term brings!

Auctions are Closed
Posted by Lilliana Devane on 12/24 21:26:26 (0 Comments)

Thank you all for participating in our auctions this year. To those of you who've won please make sure to send your payment to respective house ghosts before January 5th. We are all very excited to see just what will come of this!

November Role-Play of the Month
Posted by Damien Blackwood on 12/14 20:13:35 (7 Comments)

In November's winner, Feed a Cold; Starve a Fever, we find that Elizabeth McLaggan has finally been released from Azkaban after being found innocent of the crime she was originally admitted for, however, her arrival back at Hogwarts is anything but pleasant as she gets into a heated argument with her wife, Lilliana Devane, and things go even further downhill from there. How will this story play out? Make sure you read to find out!

Let them eat cake – or wear it if that’s what takes their fancy! What starts off with Rosalind Scott searching for a snack to satisfy her sweet tooth soon turns into an evening of mischief and confessions when Nick Grant helps her find it. However, confectionary isn’t all they find! After trying the cake – in more ways than one – the pair end up locking lips in the middle of the kitchens. Find out what happens for yourself by reading Lost In reality, this month’s first runner up.

For our second runner up, the title doesn’t quite do the content justice. Yes, the speckled band happening to belong to the newest Ravenclaw Prefect, Oliver Scott, is brought into question by the ever brilliant Cecily Faulkner. In fact, most of his tattoos are, but that doesn’t seem to be the focus and it makes us wonder - is she sizing him up as a snack or is there something else behind her alluring dark glare? Oliver certainly tells all and speaks his mind leaving us with the tantalizing notion that Miss Faulkner’s notorious icy cold heart could someday be warmed - as long as he can keep up with her undying wit.

Yule Ball Auctions!
Posted by Ashton Mcalister on 12/10 18:10:15 (0 Comments)

As per tradition, the yule ball auctions are back once again, so make sure you head over to the auctions and start bidding! All auctions close December 23rd at 11:50 pm LA time.

LA Awards!
Posted by Ashton Mcalister on 12/5 15:25:54 (0 Comments)

With the end of term now here, it's time to open up voting for the LA awards! If you'd like to cast your vote then just click here and make sure you get your vote in by December 29th 11:59 PM!

And the cup goes to...
Posted by Ashton Mcalister on 12/2 13:21:18 (10 Comments)

It was a close race towards the end, but congratulations to Hufflepuff who came out on top with 1812 points! Great work to everyone across the site who worked hard this term to help their house and we hope you enjoy the break because you deserve it. In the meantime, Year up applications are now open as well as professor applications which can be found in the sidebar. Without further ado, here are you term 24 award winners!

Ancient Runes - Dustin McNamara
Astronomy - Cassie Sullivan
Care of Magical Creatures - Nathan Jayne
Charms - Xiomara Higgins
Defense Against the Dark Arts - Sophia Sherrell
Muggle Defense - Charlotte Baker
Muggle Studies - Vincent Devane
Potions - Sebastian Rosenthorn
Transfiguration - Cassie Sullivan

Top 10 bonus point earners:

Dustin McNamara 58
Cassie Sullivan 51
Sophia Sherrell 46
Xiomara Higgins 45
Charlotte Baker 36
Giovanni DiPietro 26
Medusa Liowski 24
Nechtan Sasaki 21
Rachel Owens 19
Lydia Thorson 18

Once again, congratulations to all the winners and we’ll see you on January 1st for the new term!

Posted by Ashton Mcalister on 11/30 3:05:37 (1 Comments)

Here recently we've caught multiple people cheating on homework and would like to remind everyone that cheating on homework is agasint the site rules and always has been. Anyone caught cheating will not only lose every point on any homework they turned in where cheating has been caught, but will also be put into detention and made to write lines. Don't cheat on the homework, plain and simple.

The Votes Are In...
Posted by Lilliana Devane on 11/27 16:21:53 (6 Comments)

You all voted and we have tallied everything up. We would like to congratulate, once more, everyone that took part in the Halloween Ball but also the ones who left a striking impression on us all.

Most Beautiful: Faine Denton
Scariest: Lilliana Devane
Funniest: Gregory James
Most Original: Xiomara Higgins
Best Role-Play: Pumpkins Scream..
Creepiest Couple: Michael Halsey & Charlotte Baker

And as an added bonus, each of you who have won an award has also been given a lovely signature! Feel free to do what you wish with it. These signatures will be posted for you all in the Great Hall shortly.

Prepare for History
Posted by Lilliana Devane on 11/20 21:28:24 (2 Comments)

It’s the pivotal moment that everyone has been waiting for. Spreading across the castle is an outburst of fighting. Each and every student must make their own choice. The Rogue band of students have returned just as the hooded figures make their way into the castle to fight for what they stand for. We’ve all been waiting to know just what is going on and now the time has come but it will take fighting tooth and nail to get to the bottom of it, or in this case, the top. At the highest point of the castle you will find everything you need to know: Make your way to the Astronomy Tower?

Please make sure that you read through each post we have given you. There is quite a bit for you all to take part in and don’t forget that by doing so gives your character a history that they won’t be able to find elsewhere through plotting on site. Be a part of the motion; Choose your side!

Something Old; Something New.
Posted by Lilliana Devane on 11/18 3:00:31 (0 Comments)

Behold! The staff have added a new special power that many of you may find interesting; the Kitsune. After careful consideration, we have combed through many different lore to bring you our very own canon version. Please make sure you read the guide found in character development so you have a sense of what this amazing ability is, and how it will be utilized on the site. While there are things on there that are very different from regular lore, this is to make sure that the ability is as balanced out as the others.

Please, check it out and don’t forget that we still have applications open at the moment for Special Powers! You can apply here. Good luck to those who do and thank you to all who have taken the time to read through this new ability. We sincerely hope that you all are as excited about it as we are.

October Role-Play of the Month
Posted by Gregory James on 11/14 17:02:00 (8 Comments)

This month we have a spectacular assortment of role-plays with a spooky theme for you to sink your fangs into:

It must be tiring to spend so much time saving the same guy from his own awkwardness over and over, but that’s exactly what Hailee Levitt does when she discovers Viktor Devane unconscious and gets him to safety. Thinking her tattoos are the reason the guy is afraid of her, Levitt removes them for the evening and dresses to impress. Little does she realise that the concussed boy is terrified of everything – particularly girls. Can the tough girl finally get through to him? Will Viktor find some courage? Find out in October’s RPoTM, Camisado.

Taking the first runner up spot is an awkward tale of young romance and misunderstanding from Cassie Sullivan and Nathan Jayne in Time and Time Ago. Two former childhood sweethearts meet again for the first time and plenty of embarrassment follows. Since they last met, Cassie is all grown up and apparently Nathan has a Faine – whatever that means. Make sure to read it for yourself to find out what happens!

Well, if that guy ‘has a Faine’ – um, girlfriend – what is she doing flirting with one of the Scott twins at the ball? When Faine Denton decides to make a fashionably late entrance with a barely-there costume she catches the eye of Oliver Scott and the pair seem to hit it off right away with a cheeky exchange. It’s up to you to decide who is the biggest shameless flirt in this month’s second runner up, Dressed to Distress.

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